Nissan is preparing a high-performance electric car with Nismo

The Japanese manufacturer is preparing to launch a high-performance electric vehicle developed by the company’s Nismo division on the market. Although this is not something that is going to happen soon, to see this vehicle circulating on the roads we will probably have to wait until the end of this decade.

This model will also not be a tuned version with better specifications of a Nissan series electric but will be developed from scratch by Nismo, the Japanese manufacturer’s high-performance vehicle division.

Being a long-term project, there is not much information available at the moment. In any case, it has been the head of the Nismo division himself, Takao Katagiri, who has confirmed that this new model is on the way and will one day be a reality.

In statements to the media, Katagiri has highlighted the importance of the European market for Nismo, and although he has not revealed specific details about a launch date or its technical specifications, he has asked all fans and potential customers of the Nismo vehicle division high-performance Nissan have patience. There will be electric under the Nismo sub-brand in this market, he has assured.

The latest in battery technology for the Nismo electric

One of the reasons that suggest that the launch of this electric Nismo will probably not take place until the end of the current decade, is that the Japanese manufacturer could be planning to integrate a solid-state battery pack. Something that in the short, or even in the medium term, would not be viable due to its high cost.

Nissan Max-Out concept
Nissan Max-Out concept

In the past, Nissan had already shown its willingness to market new electric models with this new battery technology, with 2028 being the year in which the first of these electric models could see the light of day. Having one of these solid-state battery packs for a high-performance electric model would therefore already place us in 2029 or 2030.

Earlier this year, Nissan released some images of its Max-Out prototype, which are precisely what you can see in this post. It is a two-door electric roadster with which the Japanese manufacturer intended to make it clear that it was also working on the development of vehicles belonging to other market segments, apart from the most in-demand SUVs and urban vehicles.

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