Nissan Patrol Nismo 2022: First Look & Photos

The Nissan Patrol is ancient history in France because the model has disappeared for several years here. But in certain regions of the globe where States are less careful in terms of polluting emissions, the famous all-terrain vehicle continues its journey, in a more modern form today. It even offers itself the luxury of a new sports version Nismo, which has just been presented in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

It’s no secret that the people of the United Arab Emirates and the big local landowners, fuel for the petrodollars, are fans of luxury and sports cars. Sensitive to the expectations of these somewhat particular customers, Nissan has developed a Nismo version of its 2021 vintage Patrol, a massive vehicle powered by a powerful V8, which is added to the selection of sports models of the brand, including in particular the 370Z Nismo and the GT-R Nismo. Launched in 2016 in the United Arab Emirates, the sports branch of the Japanese manufacturer has met with some success with customers in the Middle East. Nissan’s off-roaders have been very popular for a long time now, in these arid lands where large desert areas are never very far away. The new Nissan Patrol Nismo thus combines several characteristics that make the success of the Japanese firm’s models locally. It had its world premiere at a virtual event held as part of Expo 2020 Dubai.

Nissan Patrol  Nismo 2022

The V8, still relevant in the UAE

The Nissan Patrol Nismo is based on the Patrol V8 LE Platinum City, a top-of-the-range vehicle equipped with an eight-cylinder 5.6 engine developing 400 hp and 560 Nm of maximum torque. Capable of accommodating eight people on board, this 5.16-meter-long all-terrain vehicle accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in just 6.6 seconds before reaching a top speed of 200 km / h. The Nismo version brings the vehicle a much sportier style with body elements inspired by racing, as well as a power increase of around thirty horsepower (428 hp) for the V8.

Robustness and sportiness

Nissan Patrol  Nismo 2022 back

The exterior design of the Patrol Nismo is distinguished by aerodynamic elements at the level of the shields, including wide air intakes and a grille made of a three-dimensional honeycomb mesh at the front, adorned with the Nismo emblem. Dark chrome inserts and new headlamps appear at the rear including a Formula 1 inspired LED fog light. The characteristic red stripe of the Nismo models is present at the base of all the aerodynamic elements around this sporty Patrol. Four exterior colors are available to choose from, Pearl White, Solid Black, Gray, and Metallic Silver. The 22-inch two-tone aluminum rims are specific, they save 4.5 kg each on the total mass of the vehicle and provide optimized braking. Suspension,

Nissan Patrol Nismo 2022 Comfortable interior


In association with an exterior style for the less expressive (even “too much”?), The Nissan Patrol Nismo adopts a cabin with sporty looks but where comfort has been completely preserved. Combining red Alcantara and black leather, the upholstery is padded at the side reinforcements and features the Nismo logo on its headrests. The black Alcantara steering wheel is also inspired by racing cars, with carbon fiber inserts tinted in red, while the center console and dashboard retain certain sobriety. The latest Nissan Intelligent Mobility (NIM) technologies have not been forgotten (intelligent emergency braking with pedestrian detection, intelligent forward collision warning.

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