Opel Grandland 2022: Popular German SUV Revealed

The new Opel Grandland 2022 has been presented in society. Opel’s successful compact SUV undergoes a major facelift that brings with it aesthetic, technological innovations, and even a change in the model name. The “X” characteristic disappears to be in line with the rest of the company’s SUVs. Plug-in hybrid variants remain in the range.

After a huge amount of spy photos and even official previews, the wait is over. The new Opel Grandland 2022 has debuted in society. The important and popular SUV with compact dimensions that is part of the Opel range undergoes a facelift. A mid-cycle update that will allow this generation to face the rest of its commercial life that lies ahead.

This “facelift”, in addition to introducing aesthetic and technological innovations, brings with it a change in the name. And is that the Grandland X is renamed Grandland. The letter X disappears from the commercial name to be in line with the rest of the SUVs of the lightning firm.

The Design

Opel Grandland 2022

How has the Opel SUV changed? The truth is that it is enough to take a quick look at the images that illustrate this article to discover the most relevant aesthetic modifications that the exterior has suffered. The changes are concentrated in the front. The Grandland follows Opel’s new design philosophy. A language that includes the front Vizor. Brand new grill and light clusters with IntelliLux LED Pixel technology to form a single visual element.

Opel Grandland 2022

It also equips the relevant LED lights for daytime driving that draw a new and characteristic light signature. The front bumper has also been redesigned and the fog lamps have been repositioned. At the rear there are also changes, although minor. We must pay attention to the taillights, bumpers, and the tailgate itself, on which the model name has been added just below the Opel badge.

In terms of customization, the new Grandland is well served. Certain exterior elements can be painted glossy black or silver. In addition, you can opt for a two-tone configuration for the body.

Opel Grandland 2022 Interior

Opel Grandland 2022 Interior

The exterior aside, if we venture inside again Grandland we will be enveloped by a technological and modern environment. The great novelty in this section is the appearance of the Opel Pure Panel system composed of two curved screens joined to create a single element. This allows creating a more digital cabin. One of the screens has the function of being the digital instrument panel while the other is used for the infotainment system. The Multimedia Navi Pro system offers a high level of connectivity allowing access to OpelConnect digital online services.

The central touch screen up to 10 inches is slightly oriented towards the driver to avoid taking your eyes off the road as much as possible. The 12-inch digital instrumentation shows, among other things, the image captured by the new Night Vision. Night vision allows people and animals to be detected up to 100 meters in front of the Grandland.

Opel Grandland 2022

One of the determining keys of this setup is the technological endowment. Opel has introduced more news in addition to the noted Night Vision camera. The list of driver assistance systems has been enriched with the Highway Integration Assist function available for models with automatic transmission. Adaptive cruise control is combined with lane-keeping.

Other equipments to highlight are the wireless charger for compatible mobile phones, the AGR-certified front seats, leather upholstery, heating and ventilation, and the electric opening and closing tailgate with hands-free function.

Opel Grandland 2022


The engine range will retain the plug-in hybrid variants. One of the pillars on which the offer of the outgoing model is based. Opel has not gone into many mechanical details, but the same composition will remain. That is, to the aforementioned electrified engines we must add the different gasoline and diesel engines.

Opel Grandland 2022 Price

When will it arrive in dealerships? Opel has confirmed that deliveries of the new Grandland will begin next fall. In a matter of a few weeks, the rest of the details corresponding to the range will be announced. Levels of finish, equipment, and prices. Series production will take place in Eisenach (Germany).

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