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Opel has presented its latest Rocks-e model for the new SUM era. The City-Stromer is the counterpart to the Citroen Ami and is designed exclusively for city use. This model should be of particular interest to young people. We have pictures and information for you.

SUM, in German that stands for sustainable urban mobility. The new Opel Rocks-e is designed for this, because the mini-Stromer has only a short-range, but can be driven from the age of 15. The two-seater sets new standards and shows that electric mobility is also very easy.

  • Builds on the same platform as Citroen Ami
  • 75 kilometers range
  • Drivable with an AM driver’s license from 15 years of age
  • Doors that open in opposite directions
  • Typical Opel brand face
  • Order start in autumn 2021

There are currently no SUM vehicles because the Citroen Ami is not yet on the market in Germany. Opel is trying to close the gap between scooters and cars and to place a simple but sustainable electric vehicle.

Exterior design

Opel Rocks-e

Opel wants to promote urban mobility and has therefore presented its first SUM (sustainable urban mobility) vehicle. The Opel Rocks-e is the Rüsselsheim-based answer to the Citroen Ami, which is built on the same platform. But the design of the Rocks-e is bolder, more youthful, and more modern. The new face of the Vizor brand, which immediately catches the eye with its LED headlights and indicators, is striking.

It’s also funny that the doors of the Rocks-e open in opposite directions. In plain language, this means that you simply have the same door installed on both sides, which saves costs. The driver’s door can be opened to the rear and the front passenger door as usual. The rear and the front also consist of some identical parts. The reason is again the cost savings to be able to offer the city car cheaply.

Opel Rocks-e Technical data and engines

The SUM vehicle is primarily intended to appeal to young people with an AM driving license. They are allowed to drive the Rocks-e, would then be mobile in the city, and can even comfortably chauffeur a second passenger. The Rocks-e measures a short 2.41 meters in length, 1.39 meters in width, is a two-seater and with a range of 75 kilometers was designed solely for driving in the city.

Opel Rocks-e

Since it only weighs 471 kilograms – and that already with a battery – it is officially classified as a light vehicle and can be driven by young people, but of course also by commuters who want to drive emission-free and do without a long search for a parking space. The Rocks-e runs at a maximum of 45 km / h, which is completely sufficient for city traffic.

The built-in battery has a capacity of 5.5 kWh and can be fully recharged in 3.5 hours at a household socket. A charging cable with a length of three meters is permanently housed in the Rocks-e and simply has to be pulled out of the passenger door for the charging process. If you want to fill up at a public charging station, you have to get the appropriate adapter from Opel.

Opel Rocks-e Interior

The interior is spartan, but still modern. The clear lines inside reflect the typical Opel interior. The seats are offset next to each other so that the front passenger has enough legroom and the driver can adjust the seat as much as possible. Who would have thought: The headroom is sufficient, even for people who are taller than 1.90 meters.

Opel Rocks-e Interior

In addition to modern yellow details, there are also practical highlights such as a hook for the shopping bag and even 63 liters of storage space in the passenger footwell. There is no trunk. The built-in display shows the speed, driving mode, and the charge status of the battery, and the remaining range can also be read off here.

A smartphone holder on the center console turns the Rocks-e into a networked SUM in conjunction with the device plugged in by the driver. Large windows and the standard built-in panoramic glass roof make the Rocks-e a little speedster, but it has a good sense of space in the interior.

The Rocks-e will be available in three equipment lines: Rocks-e, Rocks-e Klub, and Rocks-e Tekno.

Opel Rocks-e Price

Orders for the Opel Rocks-e will start in autumn 2021. In 2022 it should then come onto the German market. A more precise date has not yet been communicated. Also, what the little Stromer should cost is still to be officially announced. But we can estimate and think that the starting price could be around 7,000 euros.Opel Rocks-e

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