Pagani C10 Hypercar Debuts September 12

If there is a launch that we are waiting for like rain in May, it is, without a doubt, the Pagani C10. There is no creation of this Italian firm that leaves anyone indifferent and with the C10, the replacement for the Huayra, it is logical to expect a bombshell again. Until now, Horacio Pagani’s firm has known how to manage its steps very well, launching a single model on each occasion, good enough to last on the market for many years without its design or its features noticing the passage of time. . Moreover, there is the sensational Pagani Zonda, which has refused to die thanks to customers, who do not stop asking for new super exclusive versions.

We already saw a small preview through the publication of an image of the model, but not of the real model, but of a digital recreation that quite matched the forms that could be seen under the ton of camouflage that all the development units wear, as well as for the publication, next to the image, of some documents where the name of Pagani C10 appeared. Name, by the way, which was not official, at least for now. The next Pagani might or might not be called that.

At that time, there was also talk about its presentation date: the month of September and apparently, it is the correct date, since the Pagani C10 is expected to officially debut in a couple of weeks, in Milan. Pagani has published a brief “clip” on Instagram, where Horacio appears drawing on a sheet of paper and, although not much is appreciated, the name “C10” does appear, so it could be, finally, the official name of the substitute for the Pagani Huayra. Be careful, that the name C10 appears, does not mean that it is the one that Pagani uses in the production model…

His presentation will be one of the most anticipated of the year, and for now, we know very little. We can say, without fear of being wrong, that it will have a V12 twin-turbo engine of Mercedes origin, the same one that is behind the seats of the Pagani Huayra, which it should outperform in power. The Huayra BC, the most powerful to date, yields 754 hp, but the Pagani C10 is not expected to drop below 800 hp, it has even been said that it could be around 900 hp.

It is said, although not with much enthusiasm, that the Pagani C10 could have electrification, that is, it will be a hybrid. Pagani announced in 2018 that it was working on the development of an electric model, but its customers do not want those cars and it stopped work to focus, as long as possible, on V12 engines, which is really what those who can afford to take home a Pagani. European regulations, which will give some respite to niche manufacturers, have a lot to do with that decision. Pagani’s production is very, very small and its cars are not used every day, their contribution to general pollution is negligible.

In any case, it is worth remembering that the next Pagani C10 will be offered with a manual transmission, a true rarity on the market, especially considering that there have been no sports cars with V12 engines and manual transmission for decades. Not even the Huayra has a manual gearbox and that, by the way, caused them to lose sales and caused Horacio to decide to offer that option in his replacement.

Some customers didn’t buy the Huayra because we didn’t offer it (the manual transmission). My customers want to feel thrills while driving – they don’t care about sheer performance or shift timing. Today, high-performance double clutches like Ferraris have become so perfect that using them automatically or manually is the same. If you want to take a walk on a Sunday morning, you want to be involved in driving. Look at Gordon Murray’s T.50 – it sold out even though it ‘only’ has 650bhp. It is very light, has a manual gearbox and a V12 that goes very high. You don’t need 2,000 hp to thrill the driver . ” – Horacio Pagani in statements to Quattroporte

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