Peugeot 408 2022: What we know about the SUV

As confirmed by Peugeot on Tuesday, May 31, 2022, the Peugeot 408 will be the brand’s next model to be presented. It should take the form of a coupe SUV. Here is the first information.

A new Peugeot model will soon join the range of the Lion brand. After having unveiled the new 308 in recent months in the wake of the successful launch of the new 208 city car, the Lion brand announces the arrival of a new Peugeot 408. If this model name already existed to designate a three-box sedan intended in particular for the Chinese market, the 408 was not sold on the French market. It will still not be since Peugeot will replace it with a 100% new model, a Peugeot 408 with a very different design and sold in more markets, particularly in Europe.

Many rumors evoked the imminent arrival of a new vehicle within the Peugeot range. Some of these indiscretions evoked a crossover between sedan and SUV while others leaned towards a mixture between SUV and coupe, an impression confirmed by stolen photos of models in disguise and shot in full test. On Tuesday, May 31, 2022, Peugeot put a temporary end to these rumors by confirming the arrival of a new model, without completely lifting the veil on its design. “Unexpected, it is a Peugeot of a new species: it combines originally the characteristic codes of SUVs with a dynamic silhouette of Fastback”, explains the brand, confirming the track of a coupe SUV. Here’s what to remember from this first announcement:

  • Peugeot will therefore launch with the Peugeot 408 a coupé SUV, responding to Renault, which launched the Renault Arkana in 2020 on the French market.
  • The Peugeot 408 will be launched in many markets since it is presented as “a global car” by the Lion brand.
  • Its design should bring freshness to the heart of the Peugeot range, the brand also evokes “new experiences”, an “unprecedented look” and a vehicle intended for those “for whom the automobile is a pleasure”.

In addition to several photos of models in recent tests, we have the first official photo of this Peugeot 408, the Lion brand having accompanied its press release of May 31, 2022, with a teasing photo.

Peugeot 408 2022

Release date

Peugeot has already given date, that of the future official presentation of the Peugeot 408. “The new Peugeot 408 will be unveiled towards the end of June 2022”, specifies the French brand. With such a date, we can expect the first tests for the press before the end of the year for a commercial launch at the beginning of 2023.

Peugeot 408 2022

At what price will the new Peugeot 408 be sold?

The Peugeot 408 should be based on the EMP2 technical platform already used by the Peugeot 308 and its German cousin the Opel Astra. The engine offered should also be close to the compact sedan of the Lion brand with probably the rechargeable hybrid also available within the range. The price is still unknown but Peugeot should model its launch price on those of its main rival in France, the Renault Arkana. This one is currently sold for 31,300 euros.

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