Peugeot 408 Revealed and will be on the road in 2023

We knew that from the Peugeot 308 a third body would be developed that would be added to the five-door and the SW. And we knew it would look to elevate the package to take it into SUV/Crossover territory. What we did not think is that it was going to be so big: 4.69 meters in length for the new Peugeot 408.

You will have to wait until the beginning of next year to enjoy the new Peugeot 408 – it will be manufactured in Mulhouse from January 2023, then also in China. It is a striking car, with a lot of 308 DNA on the front, although it is radicalized even more to provide differentiation – those side pseudo-shots will take you in ways that are seen in C5X , just as it happens with the hood. Also the upper and lower grille, if you see them together, they will take you to other brands that have taken advantage of the shape of a diabolo in their front hallmark.


It is true that those luminous fangs are unique, it is true that the lion logo shines brightly wrapped up by that grill with more and more visual prominence… On the side, the view that seems to us the strangest by far, we see a lot of angle, a lot of cutting, which can take us to Korean territory . Nor do some rims help much, which in this version presented are anything but elegant. They are radical, asymmetrical, they do not reconcile well with the whole…

The three-quarter rear is the newest view because that is where we find a real new car. That very stretched line from the B pillar lengthens the whole to the eye and the meter up to 4.69 meters-The glazed forms of the rear area also contribute to this visual effect, with a very sharp finish that greatly stylizes the whole-.

Peugeot 408 2023

The rear is very personal, very Peugeot at the level of optical language , although the lower plastic mass – the bumper – has too much prominence. It is true that it also has an aerodynamic function in combination with the channeling of the air flow through the roof with functional projections at the junction of the roof and rear window that take me to Urus territory. It’s time to move the turbulence as far back as possible from the bodywork. We have only talked about length: 1.85 meters wide, 1.48 meters high and a wheelbase of 2.79 meters – six centimeters more than in the 308 SW -.

Peugeot 408 2023

It is not easily cataloged with those forms and that measure. We’re told it will target customers from the C-segment, C SUVs and D-segment sedans . It is true that it is not an SUV, it is more of a crossover. And as a curiosity of positioning, by size it is a car that will be between Peugeot 3008 and 508, although for price it should be between 308 and 3008. Striking.

Peugeot 408 Interior

Peugeot 408 Interior

We take a seat and we are facing a 308 that we already know , with some element of greater capacity to leave objects but that’s it. We criticized at the time the i-cockpit of the compact lion for its lack of visibility of the front frame and here we continue the same. Of course, the tech environment, surrounding the driver, breathes and perfectly reconciles with the outer packaging. Perhaps the front window mentally seems small to us and we don’t know why – the rear one is large, very stretched out but providing a logical poor visibility; In exchange, good visibility on the A-pillar when the mirrors are positioned on the door plate. 

Somewhat elevated driving position compared to 308 but without reaching that of an SUV –feeling of a raised family member-. Good accessibility at the front with a notable door opening angle, something that is maintained at the rear because the lower pillars are not as intrusive as in an SUV. It goes up and down well, effortlessly, with a fairly supportive stool, without boxing your butt above the knees. And above with an excellent distance for knees .

Peugeot 408

Of course, the coupé silhouette will penalize your head when entering or once installed because the height is not a big deal. Quite usable central square with little intrusive transmission tunnel. Very fair rear visibility and the opacity of that exterior glass triangle as a C-pillar does not help either – the C5X does have it. Trunk of 536 liters liters -with seats folded down, 1,611 liters- with good shapes and with good loading height.

Peugeot 408 Engine

At the mechanical level, it will not have Diesel versions or manual transmissions. EAT8 only. Like Puretech 130 hp gasoline – microhybridization will come at some point , just as the THP 215 hp could be incorporated -. Two plug-in hybrid options with 180 and 225 hp but without reaching the 300 hp that are reached in other models of the brand, and an electric version that will soon arrive at the end of next year, make up the mechanical range.

Peugeot 408 2023

In the safety and comfort chapter, 30 driving assistance systems supported by 6 cameras and 9 radars . In a second phase, these elements will be reinforced with the Drive Assist 2.0 pack that will include adaptive cruise control with a Stop and Go function and lane keeping aid with a semi-automatic lane change function for overtaking between 70 and 180 km/h and anticipation of speed adaptation based on the limits that are to come.

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