Peugeot 508 2021: Facelift, Photos & Price

Sometimes, brands want to cover the greatest number of needs of their potential customers by launching very wide ranges for certain models. However, Peugeot has followed the comment path ... and is right.

And it is that what the French brand has done, specifically in its Peugeot 508 2021 model -both saloon and family- is to outline the range of versions. So now, the Peugeot 508 ‘the model year 2021’, let’s say it is better structured, without changing what the car itself is … -although diesel engines such as the 180 hp one stop being sold for now- and waiting for juicy news, such as the arrival of the sports version PSE -which uses plug-in hybrid technology-.

The aesthetic aspect, one of the great assets of this model, does not change at all. You can still choose between a saloon-type body and a family one, although both with a practical tailgate. What is it that changes? The structure of versions in terms of available finishes. Additionally, each trim will offer the ability to add a reasonably priced option pack that further complements the car’s technology.

Peugeot 508 2021 Price

As an access step -at least for private customers- the Active finish is located, with which the Peugeot 508 has an attack price of 27,600 euros or 28,800 if you choose the familiar. Peugeot says that it is not a basic version, as it has standard elements such as the automatic braking device, the alert for an involuntary lane change, the alert for the risk of the collision … and other more common ones, such as the automatic lighting of lights, the electric parking brake or the parking sensors at the rear.

Peugeot 508 2021
Peugeot 508 2021

The pack for the Active costs 700 euros, an amount by which the front parking sensors and the rear camera or hands-free access and starting are added. These Active versions are combined with the 130 hp gasoline and diesel engines -both with eight-speed automatic transmission, like the entire range of this model-.

Next in the range will be the Allure, which is usually the most luxurious of Peugeot models; With starting prices of 32,900 euros for the saloon and 34,100 euros for the SW station wagon, this model already adds the system that automatically switches between low and high beams, the obstacle control in the blind spot, the signal reader traffic…

It also features eye-catching ‘aesthetic’ details such as 18 ″ alloy wheels, LED interior lighting, over-tinted rear windows, and more luxurious-looking black upholstery.

But to have almost everything, you have to pay the 1,200 euros of the so-called Allure Pack, which includes the intelligent speed control – capable of stopping the car in a traffic jam or retention and resuming the march when the vehicles in front begin to advance -, the lane assistance, the automatic opening tailgate or the ergonomic AGR front seats.

The Allures are offered with the 180 hp gasoline engine, the 130 hp diesel, or the 225 hp hybrid.

At the top of the range is the sports GT, which is associated with the most powerful engines in the range. It is also the most expensive, with prices starting at 34,100 euros in the saloon and 35,300 euros in the SW version.

The reason is that these variants have elements such as the LED headlights, 18 ″ wheels, aluminum pedals, upholstered and stitched dashboard, Nappa steering wheel … Although that’s not all, because there will be a GT Pack that supposes some prices of 36,900 euros in saloon and 40,800 euros in SW. 

This price increase includes adjustable suspension, specific 19 ″ wheels, Zebrano wood interior inserts, Alcantara upholstery, heated and sporty front seats …

The GTs, like the Allure, are offered with the 180 hp gasoline engine, the 130 hp diesel, or the 225 hp hybrid.

This is the thick of the range; for companies and the self-employed, the Peugeot 508 offers the Business Line finish, with prices starting at 31,850 euros for the saloon version and 33,050 euros for the SW body. This finish is only combined with the 130 hp diesel engine.

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