Peugeot e-5008 is a 7-seat electric SUV that will arrive in 2025

During the E-Lion Day event held yesterday, Peugeot confirmed the launch of five 100% electric models by 2025: the well-known e-308 and e-308 SW, the new e-408, and the unpublished e-3008. and e-5008. These proposals will join the current e-208, e-2008, e-Rifter, and e-Traveller, which will be updated this year.

Of the five announced vehicles, the only one whose development was unknown beforehand was the e-5008. And it is that, while the lion’s firm has been revealing details of the highly anticipated e-3008, which will be released in the second quarter of 2023, for months, until now it had not communicated its plans to electrify its largest SUV.

While the current 5008 is broadly a stretched, seven-seater version of the 3008, the new e-5008 will differ much more from the e-3008gaining a very distinct personality of its own. While the e-3008 will bet on a “coupé” type silhouette, the e-5008 will maintain a very vertical design behind it.

This will allow it to become the most practical option in the range. It will maintain its seven-seater interior configuration; In addition, habitability will be greatly benefited by the use of the dedicated STLA Medium platform, developed from scratch for 100% electric cars. Among other things, you should enjoy a completely flat floor.

Peugeot e-5008

The Peugeot e-5008 will use the STLA Medium platform

Aesthetically it will drink from the Inception Concept prototype, as it will sport a completely horizontal blinded grille flanked by aggressive optical groups in the form of a vertical triple claw. Despite its family character, it will have a markedly sporty personality, as is usually the norm in the products of the French house.

In the passenger compartment, the new generation i-Cockpit should be highlighted, which will adopt a panoramic display made up of two screens: one for the digital instrumentation (probably with a 3D effect) and another for the infotainment system. Like the e-3008, the e-5008 will integrate the new software ecosystem for electric cars from Stellantis.

The STLA Medium platform can mount batteries between 87 and 104 kWh of capacity. Since the e-3008 will be around 700 km WLTP range, the e-5008 will probably exceed 600 km WLTP. Everything indicates that it will use NCM (nickel, cobalt, manganese) cells supplied by ACC (Automotive Cells Company), a consortium made up of Mercedes-Benz, Saft, and Stellantis. The range should be similar to that of its younger brother, which will have two versions of one engine and another with two engines and all-wheel drive.

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