Peugeot Inception Concept first look at the future of the company

Peugeot has taken advantage of the CES in Las Vegas to present a conceptual model that will inspire its future electric cars. Its name is Inception Concept and it anticipates multiple innovative advances.

The Peugeot Inception Concept opens a new chapter in the history of the brand. The fundamental pillars in terms of design and technological advances of the next generation of electric vehicles are based on this.

Externally, the Peugeot Inception Concept has a very aggressive appearance. Its general lines are very sharp and muscular. In the front, there is a new decorative grill with some optical groups in the form of three vertical lines. These emulate the headlights that are already known today and that, according to the company, represent the claws of a lion. In addition, on the aforementioned calendar, the recently released emblem of the brand is also located.

On the other hand, the same hood has a very marked air channeling. The front moon continues its path and sinks into the font itself. Its exterior mirrors are also born from this aforementioned hole, which renounces the traditional mirrors and accommodates a series of cameras. In the same profile are 20-inch Aerorim wheels, specifically designed to be more aerodynamic. Also, a small backlit horizontal panel in which you can see specific details, such as the progress in recharging, which they have baptized as ” Tech Bar “. The C-pillar, for its part, is very characteristic. It has a very exaggerated inclination and culminates in molding the name of the company.

Peugeot Inception Concept

At the rear, its aggressive and very linear lines continue, with headlights again marked by three large vertical lines and the brand name written and illuminated crowning the center of the set.

In general terms, Peugeot has shown an all-futuristic electric saloon. The conceptual model has a large glass area of ​​7.25 square meters and a total absence of pillars or central frames. Its general dimensions are not particularly short either, since it is 5 meters long and 1.34 meters high.

However, despite the futuristic exterior design, the interior is where Peugeot has reserved most of the avant-garde and the most outstanding technological advances, starting with the redesign of its well-known i-Cockpit. For the occasion, this has been renamed “Hypersquare”. The steering wheel, like the current one, continues to have a very small size, but it eliminates its roundness to take on a rectangular design and some tactile buttons inside.

Peugeot Inception Concept

Peugeot says goodbye to the dashboard with a horizontal screen that crosses the entire width of the interior and is only interrupted by a circular panel located behind the steering wheel. Through this, the driver will receive all the data related to driving, acting as advanced digital instrumentation. Finally, the brand proposes specific and immersive seats that adapt to all types of physiognomies, thus guaranteeing the comfort and safety of passengers.

The prototype offers fully electric mechanics, cemented by Stellantis’ STLA Large platform. Equipped with an 800-volt architecture and a 100 kWh capacity battery, it reaches a range of up to 800 kilometers. In addition to the large size of its battery, this range is supported by two ultra-efficient electric motors with which energy consumption will be just 12.5 kWh per 100 kilometers. The combined power of both will be 680 CV transmitted to all four wheels.

Finally, the model has the possibility of recharging by induction. Through this, you can charge the equivalent of 30 kilometers of range after one minute or 150 kilometers after five minutes. At the moment, it is unknown which model will be the first to incorporate these solutions. Peugeot aims to be part of its range before the year 2030.

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