Polestar 5 will have architecture of 884 hp and four-wheel drive

Little by little,  Polestar is discovering key details about the  Polestar 5.  And among other information that has already advanced, they have given a key fact and that is that their model will have an 800 V architecture. Something that was introduced in the Porsche Taycan for the first time, but with which the Hyundai IONIQ 5 or the KIA EV6 also have. And that, as we already know, means a higher level of efficiency and also shorter loading times. It is, in short, a really important technological evolution.

Polestar  5 will be focused on taking on models like the  Tesla Model S, Porsche Taycan, Mercedes-Benz EQS, and Lucid Air. We already know that it will be on sale from the year 2024 and that it is based on the Precept, a concept that the brand presented in the year 2020.

But obviously, those suicide doors have been abandoned in the production model and, instead, will launch with conventional doors. But one of the key points is that Polestar has been striving to make its technology at the level of architecture, batteries, and motors, to gradually dissociate itself from its components – and designs – shared with Volvo and so on. to be able to rival manufacturers like Porsche.

The key details of the Polestar 5 that we already know: architecture, battery, power, and others

In an official statement, the brand has already revealed that the Polestar 5, as we advanced, has an  800 V electrical architecture and a configuration of two electric motors that provide an all-wheel drive. Thanks to this configuration it will be able to offer  884 hp and a torque of  900 Nm. What the brand has not yet indicated is the power of each of its engines, but they have detailed that the rear engine is more powerful than the front. One of the motors is connected to the front axle and the other is connected to the rear axle.

Polestar 5

And it’s funny because Polestar has decided to show the  Polestar 5 at the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed. An event that has traditionally not been focused on electric car enthusiasts, but rather on the traditional car with an internal combustion engine. The Polestar 5 will be a five-door electric fastback that will occupy the reference position within the brand, and Polestar is most likely looking to convince a different audience, a broader public, and not just the car enthusiast. electric. Something, indeed, similar to what Porsche has done with the Taycan.

Polestar 5

Before the Polestar 5, the Polestar 3 will arrive in 2023, and also during the next year 2023, although later, a  Polestar 4 will have to arrive, which will be a small coupé-style SUV. At the moment, the brand’s forecast is to multiply its sales by 10, from the 29,000 units reached during the year 2021 to a volume of 290,000 units at the end of the year 2025. And if they maintain the strategy they are following, it is quite likely that they will get it. And that they want to stand out for using their technologies is, without a doubt, good news.

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