Polestar 6 will have similar features to Porsche 911

The Polestar 6 has the Porsche 911 as a reference for dynamics and performance. The future electric convertible is already in the full development of its capabilities.

The Porsche 911 has earned the badge of historical automobile myth. Many have been companies have sought to compete with the famous German sports car, however, it remains immovable on its throne. Now a new electric model is being developed with the 911 as the benchmark for dynamics and know-how. The model in question is none other than the Polestar 6, the long-awaited electric convertible that will arrive in Europe in 2026.

Polestar is working hard to provide its range with 100% electric models with high quality and very successful dynamic capabilities. To do this, the Swedish company has set Porsche as a reference point for some of its models, such as the future Polestar 3 or Polestar 5, which will rival the Porsche Macan and the Porsche Taycan, respectively.

However, a new challenger for the Porsche 911 could be the Polestar 6. According to Polestar’s managers, this is being designed to “be at the level of the best Porsche.” This consideration has come from Edward Trinh, Polestar Australia’s product planning manager, who made a statement at an event held in Melbourne, where he attributed similarities between the two models.

“We are comparing the Polestar 6 dynamically against the Porsche 911. We believe it is the industry benchmark for vehicle dynamics .” Indeed, the manager has not made a mistaken claim, although the 911 at the moment does not have 100% electric mechanics, something that the Polestar 6 will have from the outset. This leads to the dynamics of both feeling, a priori, very distant, although Polestar engineers are already working on equipping them.

Polestar 6 concept

With this, it must be taken into account that the Polestar development team still has almost 3 years to carry out the dynamic tuning of the electric car. This will mean that Porsche will also have the opportunity to improve -even more- the 911 since an update of its current generation is expected to arrive in the coming months.

Trinh mentioned that for the dynamic development of the Polestar 6, they have received some inside information from Porsche’s head of dynamics, especially in the area of ​​variable suspension systems. According to the person in charge, the dynamics of the electric convertible must be one of the most worked in the sector if the company seeks to measure itself as the most outstanding in the market.

For now, Polestar can be happy with what has been achieved with the Polestar 6. A couple of months ago the company announced the opening of reservations for the LA Concept Edition version, the most exclusive that the convertible will incorporate, which has already awarded 500 units . limited to the whole world in just a few days. However, Polestar will launch new finishes for the production version, which will arrive in 2026.

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