Polestar will present 3 new electric cars between 2022 and 2024

Polestar, Volvo’s high-performance vehicle firm, is achieving exciting success with its first 100% electric model, the Polestar 2. This midsize saloon, conceived as a rival to the Tesla Model 3, is just the first step in plans for the expansion of the young firm: in the short term, the company will have a much broader and more competitive range.

Between now and 2024, Polestar will launch three new electric cars. So far, only two of them were known to have been developed: the Polestar 3, a large coupe SUV derived from the upcoming Volvo XC90 Recharge, and the Polestar 4, a rival executive saloon of the Porsche Taycan and Tesla Model. S.

Now, the Swedish brand has added to this launch program a third model, the Polestar 5. There is still no specific data on this vehicle, which will initially be released in 2024 and will go on sale in 2025. However, the company has released a first teaser image that allows us to make some assumptions.

In the preview, you can see the three unpublished models (Polestar 3, Polestar 4, and Polestar 5), all of them covered with covers. The first thing that stands out is that the last one is appreciably lower than the other two; in addition, it has a much steeper roof drop, which immediately makes us think of a classic two-door coupe.

Next year Polestar will have a presence in 30 markets

Polestar will present 3 new electric cars

Polestar already marketed a vehicle of this type, the Polestar 1, a plug-in hybrid based on the 2013 Volvo Concept Coupé with a limited production of 1,500 units. This vehicle was the first and last Polestar to have an internal combustion engine in its guts since all the others will be exclusively electric.

Will the Polestar 5 be the electrical substitute for the Polestar 1? Although it is still early to venture, we must not lose sight of the fact that Polestar is a sports brand, so it would not be surprising if in the future it would have a «thoroughbred» sports car among its ranks as a flagship, standing out definitely from her womb.

Thanks to these new models, Polestar is confident that it will be able to go from the 10,000 units it managed to sell in 2020 to around 250,000 by 2025. To achieve this, the company will also expand into new markets (it was recently announced that for the year that Polestar is coming will be present in a total of thirty countries).

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