Porsche 911 Safari It will be on the roads in 2022

Spotted: Is Porsche working on a new edition of the 911 Safari? LatestCarNews shows what the 992 could look like with increased ground clearance in the series!

Is he coming or is he not coming? In recent years there have always been rumors about a new edition of the legendary Porsche 911 Safari. A raised Spy Shot based on the 992 was spotted again and again. Reason enough for the How To Cars illustrator to pick up the pen: This is what the new off-road 911 could look like!

Wheel housings lined with plastic and more suspension travel should make the new 911 Safari stand out visually. This would not only give the Porsche a more robust appearance, but the body would also be better protected against stone chipping. The front gets its apron, which is only partially painted. Rims with a larger diameter and coarser tires complete the package. The 992-series Safari could be based on a 911 turbo, which would mean a prominent rear spoiler, side air intakes, and heaps of power. Whether the finished off-road 911 is based on a turbo model remains questionable – the model is still reticent in spy shots and is more reminiscent of a 911 Carrera 4S.

There was already a Safari prototype from Porsche in 2012

Porsche 911 and rally – they simply belong together. The 911 is not a sports car that was only designed for the circuit. For decades, the 911s of all series have also been very successful off the beaten track. Porsche has even won the legendary Paris-Dakar Rally with the 953. That was in 1984. Since then, countless 911s have been converted into rally cars, but there is currently no official Porsche 911 Safari. It’s not that far off the mark: It wasn’t until the end of 2020 that it was revealed that Porsche had already put a ready-to-drive prototype based on the 991 on the deep-treaded wheels in 2012 with the 911 Vision Safari study.

Porsche 911 Safari

Unfortunately, it didn’t make it into series production. This gap in the portfolio is taken over by small series manufacturers or Porsche enthusiasts. An example is the fabulous Singer ACS. Based on a 911 964, restomod specialist Singer, in cooperation with Tuthill Racing, has built a real off-road monster without compromises. Even the ingredients are a dream: carbon body, two adjustable dampers per wheel, an air-cooled twin-turbo boxer with 456 hp, bucket seats, cage and, and, and. The Singer ACS is supposed to compete in the toughest off-road races in the world.

SpyShot of the Porsche 911 Safari shows more ground clearance

And what does Porsche do? Possibly more than expected! A camouflaged 911 of the 992 generation with significantly increased ground clearance and deep-treaded tires has been caught several times in Zuffenhausen. Coincidence? Perhaps! After all, Porsche has repeatedly denied launching a modern 911 Safari in the past. On the other hand, the spy shot already looks close to series production. In addition to the greater ground clearance, the flared fenders are particularly noticeable. At the rear, the license plate sits one floor higher than on the normal 911, and the front apron has also been slightly revised.

What exactly Porsche intends to do with the prototype cannot currently be said with certainty. The conversions by Singer, Tuthill, and Ruf (Rodeo Concept) show that there is interest in off-road 911s. Also, let’s not forget that Porsche at least toyed with the idea of ​​a new off-road 911 in 2012 in the form of the 911 Vision Safari. Maybe nine years later it’s time for a new edition of the 911 Safari! Photos;Autobild&autozeitung

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