Porsche Cayman E will be on the road in 2024

Will the Porsche Cayman E arrive in 2024? The successor generation (983) of the current 718 Cayman will build on the shortened PPE platform and thus become an electric athlete. We know that about price and range.

When the 718 Cayman with the extra-sharp GT4 RS concludes the career of the current series at the end of 2021, the Porsche Cayman E. (2024) is in the starting blocks. While the Cayman and Boxster will continue to be built in a modified form with four-cylinder boxers, a next-generation battery-electric Cayman (983) with more than 400 hp is to be built on the new PPE platform.

This electric Cayman shows how changeable the architecture of the “Premium Platform Electric” developed by Porsche and Audi is: Instead of high-legged with two electric motors and four-wheel drive, the engineers in Weissach arrange the PPE components here in a shortened, two-seater Mid-engine layout with rear-wheel drive – including two-engine all-wheel-drive option. An e-Tron variant of the Audi TT could also be created on the same basis. We expect the Porsche Cayman E to hit the road in 2024.

For sure is: The PPE platform will go into series production with the electric Macan as early as 2022. Nothing can be said about a possible price for the Cayman E, Generation 983. The current model is on the price list for at least 56,372 euros (as of September 2021).

Porsche Cayman E Range

Another outlook on a future Porsche Cayman E (2024) gave Porsche at the IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich. The Swabian sports car manufacturer presented the Porsche Mission R concept, a fully electric GT racing car for customer motorsport. The flat coupé not only gives a visual foretaste of the upcoming electric Cayman but also reveals the first technical data. Of course, we have to lower our expectations for a production model with road approval, because the Mission R racing car gets up to 1100 hp system power from two electric motors, with a 653 hp electric motor on the rear axle and 435 in the front.

The Stuttgart company specifies the top speed: inside at 300 km / h, the sprint to 100 km / h should be possible in 2.5 seconds. The only 1 including battery and all-wheel drive. The 500-kilogram racing car is roughly the same size as a current Porsche 718 Cayman. Porsche could also rely on consistent lightweight construction in the weaker series Cayman-E to compensate for the weight of the battery. The electrified Cayman should drive the rear wheels as standard, all-wheel drive could offer the top version and play at the 911 level in terms of performance. According to media reports, the sports car icon should remain a combustion engine, and Porsche sees no internal competition between the electric Cayman and the gasoline 911.

A range is not yet known, but according to reports, Porsche would like to enable at least 400 kilometers and more. But a look at the Mission R reveals that with the current 900-volt battery technology, charging with 340 kW is already possible and the battery can be charged to 80 percent again in 15 minutes using the fast charger. When the Porsche Cayman E (2024) will finally go on sale remains unclear. However, Porsche wants to sell 80 percent battery-powered cars by 2030 at the latest, and an electric sports car is within reach.

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