Porsche Taycan: 408 hp and costs 85,710 euros

Some purists may not have liked a model launch in the least electric at Porsche. However, the marketing data of the new Porsche taycan make it clear that it is being a successful product despite everything. Now, the Stuttgart brand launches a “more accessible” version.

We say “more accessible”, With quotation marks, because logically it is not a car within the reach of an average citizen. After all, like no premiere model of the Porsche brand. Of course, that it is the most economical variant does not mean that it is “austere” or not very sophisticated as you will see below.

This new, more economical version of the Porsche Taycan continues to show performance and capabilities worthy of admiration. Its electrical system is capable of developing a maximum power of 408 hp. The maximum speed is limited to 230 km / h, while thanks to the Launch Control system it is able to do the 0 to 100 km / h in 5.4 seconds.

To this we must add that this variant offers two batteries, which are 79.2 kWh as standard, expanding to 93.4 kWh as an option. In this way, the autonomy goes from 431 kilometers to 484. Similarly, the benefits also improve because the power increases from 408 to 476 hp. The price of this superior battery pack is 5,820 euros.

Porsche Taycan interiorOne detail to keep in mind is that it is the first Rear-drive Porsche Taycan marketed in Spain. All those available until now had all-wheel drive. What’s more, with a unit like this, powered, the skid record was broken a few weeks ago with more than 40 kilometers sliding.

It only remains to remember that the rest of the Taycan range is made up of the Taycan 4S, Turbo and Turbo S. Just below this paragraph we leave you a small table with the main benefits and prices (of Porsche Ibérica) of each variant:

Porsche Taycan range

Version Power 0 to 100 km / h Maximum speed Price
Version Power 0 to 100 km / h Maximum speed Price
Taycan 408 hp 5.4 seconds 230 km / h € 85,710
Taycan 4S 530 hp 4.0 seconds 250 km / h € 109,063
Turbo 680 hp 3.2 seconds 260 km / h € 156,374
Turbo S 761 hp 2.8 seconds 260 km / h € 190,254

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