Renault 5: Is Back. Look New Face And New Tech

Introduced in 1972, the Renault 5 has left a deep mark on the brand and on the hearts of many fans, so important that Renault chose it to inspire the brand’s electric future.

The recent launches with Renault’s e-Tech technology make it clear what direction the brand has started to follow. Between now and 2025, no less than 14 new models will arrive, of which 7 will be electric and one of them could be the reincarnation of the mythical Renault 5.

It should not be surprising that one of the European brands that previously opted for the electric future by launching models such as the Zoe, the Twizy, or the Fluence is firmly committed to not losing its leading position in this technology. Not surprisingly, it has already 10 years of experience and 300,000 electric vehicles sold, which has provided it with important knowledge against the competition.

As Luca de Meo, the current CEO of Renault, says: “At Renault, we welcome all the developments in the sector to create our own Nouvelle Vague. It is about bringing modernity to the automotive sector. We will become an energy brand, reinforcing our leadership in the electric vehicle through the Electro Pole project and investing in hydrogen to achieve the greenest mix in Europe by 2025.

Renault 5

On the other hand, we will be a technological brand through internal innovation and “Software République”, an open ecosystem destined for the development of European know-how in key areas, such as data or cybersecurity. This will give us a competitive advantage as a service brand, with high-tech connected services, both inside and outside of vehicles. And we anchor this vision of modernity in France. Because as a brand, we know that our spirit and our strength lies in our origins.

Renault 5

The new R5 embodies the “Nouvelle Vague”: it is closely connected to its history and at the same time symbolizes the future: popular and affordable electric vehicles available to everyone. “

Renault 5

Renault 5 Future with clear roots

In 1972 Renault presented to the public a utility vehicle with a very modern conception, so much so that it could be considered one of the fathers of the current B-segment models. Its plastic bumpers were something futuristic almost half a century ago and became the solution that it is still used today.

Renault 5

Practical, reliable, and always ready to serve, the R-5 won the hearts of many users who still remember it fondly. It is undoubtedly one of the most charismatic models of the modern Renault era and that is why it was chosen as an inspiration in the design team led by Gilles Vidal to develop the Renault 5 Prototype.

This reincarnation of the Renault 5 will be the basis for the future electric utility vehicle and, as its ancestor did half a century ago, it must be at the forefront of today’s mobility needs.

Renault 5

The proportions, the shape of the headlights and light clusters, and the silhouette of this 21st century R-5 are reminiscent of the original model, but with a futuristic style and details such as the illuminated logos.

It is not the first time that Renault pulls tradition for one of its new models, a resource that has worked very well, for example, in the Alpine A110.

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