Renault AIR 4 New Flying Car Concept

The Renault R4 could make its comeback as Renault 4ever in 2024. Patent drawings of the electric car have already been leaked, photos and video followed. In addition, the French carmaker has secured a matching logo and unveiled the R4 4Air drone!

In 2024, the Renault 4ever, a retro electric car in the spirit of the iconic Renault R4, is coming? More than just clues are now pointing to a new edition of the R4, which will celebrate its 60th birthday in 2021: Renault has published official teaser photos that also show a panel van offshoot in the spirit of the R4 F4. Patent drawings also appeared showing a city SUV with design borrowings from the R4.

The European patent office secured the name “Renault 4ever” and a matching logo. This combines the still fresh diamond in the so-called flat design with a centrally located “4”. It fits exactly the “5” diamond that adorns the rear of the Renault 5 Prototype, which debuted in mid-January 2021. The new edition of the R4 is knitted according to the same pattern: as a retro model with an electric drive. The CMF-BEV (Common Modular Family) platform, which is scalable in length and height and on which all future electric Renaults in the B-segment will be based, is available as a basis. The electric Renault R4, then as 4ever, and its brother Renault Five – this name was also protected – could be launched as an electric duo with a strong character in 2024 or at the latest in 2025.

On the patent drawings, the new edition of the Renault R4 (2024), presumably the Renault 4ever, following the SUV zeitgeist, is presented higher. Four doors promise good practicality with compact dimensions. Otherwise, we recognize R4 design quotes such as the vertical taillights and the rounded headlights. The latter is framed by a classic-looking radiator grille. The trapezoidal shape over the rear wheel arches is reminiscent of the side windows of the R4. So far, one can only guess what might be under the sheet metal. But: Even the old R4 did not clutter with its technical data, but with a lot of space on a small footprint and clever detailed solutions. A good start for the upcoming Renault R4 electric car (2024).

It’s no secret that the French carmaker is always good for unconventional surprises – but the Renault Air4 (2021) will surpass itself on the 60th birthday of the Renault R4. Together with the design center The Arsenale, the French classic is being sent as a drone Air. For this purpose, the iconic body, which was made of carbon fiber, was equipped with modern lighting technology and placed over a passenger drone. Lithium polymer batteries with a total capacity of 90,000 mAh provide the Renault Air4 with enough energy to reach a maximum horizontal speed of 26 m / s, which corresponds to around 94 km / h. The vehicle flies a maximum of 700 meters high, Renault does not name a range.

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