Renault Kangoo 2021: All Details & New Photos

The last generation of the Renault Kangoo was built in 2008 and thus had earned its retirement. As with some seniors, we recently had to seriously think about whether it still existed – on the occasion of the presentation of the new VW Caddy. But now the third generation of the high-roof station wagon is due.

As with its predecessor, a commercial vehicle variant called the Kangoo Rapid will again be available, as usual in two lengths. Also, there will in the future be the Renault Express for small fleets and young companies – the name Kangoo is no longer used here. You can find our summary of both commercial vehicle models here.

So here you see the version for leisure customers and the family. Features of the new design include the striking shoulder area and the redesigned front with chrome accents. The interior is characterized by the horizontally structured instrument panel with numerous storage options. Also, there are sturdy seats that should offer a high level of comfort even on long journeys.

The variable room concept and the generous space that is typical of the class are retained. On the back seat, Renault increased the legroom and the trunk, depending on the seat position, which holds between 775 and an enormous 3,500 liters of luggage. With a length of just 4.49 meters and a width (without exterior mirrors) of 1.92 meters, these are really impressive figures.

Renault Kangoo 2021

Also new to the Kangoo are the Easy Link multimedia system with smartphone coupling, USB connections, and digital radio reception. A trailer stability control, an emergency brake assistant, lane-keeping and distance assistance as well as blind-spot warning, and a parking aid upgrade the high-roof station wagon in terms of assistance.

For the first time, the Kangoo can also enjoy full LED headlights and improved interior acoustics (more insulation and eleven percent thicker windows). These upgrades should make the view more pleasant and the interior quieter. So that the recreational Kangoo can be deprived of its commercial vehicle character.

Behind the new grill, there are also new units for the Kangoo. The four-cylinder petrol engine with 1.3-liter displacement is available with 100 and 130 hp in two power levels, the four-cylinder diesel with 1.5-liter displacement is available with 75, 95, and 115 hp. The 115 hp version will not be available initially.

Here is an overview of the data:

 TCe 100 PFTCe 130 PFBlue dCi 75Blue dCi 95Blue dCi 115 *
Displacement1,333 cc1,333 cc1,461 cc1,461 cc1,461 cc
cylinder 4th4th4th4th4th
power100 hp 130 hp75 hp95 hp115 hp
Torque200 Nm240 Nm230 Nm260 Nm270 Nm
comb. consumption6.7 – 6.8 l / 100km6.7 – 6.9 l / 100km5.4 – 5.5 l / 100km5.4 – 5.6 l / 100km5.4 – 5.6 l / 100km
CO2Emissions151 – 154 g / km152-156 g / km141 – 143 g / km142 – 146 g / km143 – 154 g / km
Top speed168 km / h183 km / h152 km / h164 km / h175 km / h
0-100 km / h14.5 s12.8 s19.2 s15.1 s12.0 s
Empty weight1,475 – 1,616 kg1,475 – 1,616 kg1,577 – 1,688 kg1,577 – 1,688 kgn / A
permissible total mass2,071 kg 2,071 kg 2,132 kg 2,132 kgn / A
max. trailer load (used, 12%)1,500 kg1,500 kg1,500 kg1,500 kgn / A
* provisional values

It is not yet known what prices Renault will call for the new Kangoo generation. However, the basis should not exceed a basic price of around 22,000 euros – with a view to the VW Caddy, which starts at around 25,000 euros. What is still in the stars: Whether the family-friendly version of the Kangoo will also be available as an electric derivative. The Kangoo with commercial vehicle genes will be available as such.

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