Renault Megane 2021: Facelift, Photos & Engine

It has been 25 years and four generations since the Renault Megane appeared. If we take into account the average life of each delivery of the French compact, from seven to eight years, then the current model, which debuted in 2016, should still have a few more years left before being replaced.

However, the next Megane is already on the starting line. Renault has even officially announced that it will be unveiled next year, in 2021. This announcement was made on the occasion of the presentation of the Megane eVision concept, which is the forerunner of the future compact.

Based on that style exercise, discovered in mid-October, and which already gives us many details of what to expect, we have recreated the production model that we can expect. Of course, there is still a great unknown about the transition between the Megane equipped with heat engines and the 100% electric Megane.

In any case, this detail should have a great influence on the appearance of the future French compact. Our illustration shows various design codes for the Megane eVision concept. We find the curved light signature, shaped like a ‘hook’, which can be sensed on several Renault models today.

In the render, those daytime running lights are a bit more complex than in the concept, drawing a kind of ‘S’. The front lighting optics, which were full-width on the Megane eVision, have been lowered on this production version, which maintains the brand’s imposing diamond on the grille.

Unlike the one-piece front of the Megane eVision, as is usually the case in most electric models, in this case, the grille of the future Megane is more conventional, which gives it an undeniable sporty air, together with the wide steps of the wheel. The imposing 20-inch wheels put the icing on the cake.

If you look at the dimensions, the eVision concept measures 4.21 meters, while the Megane currently on the market reaches 4.36 meters. That means it is 15 centimeters shorter. We assume that the final production model will be intermediate in length, but we are confident that the interior space will be more spacious than in the current Megane . This is because the Mégane eVision, being a 100% electric model, does not have the same limitations as a vehicle with a thermal drive.

Other curious details, typical of Renault, are found in the rear door handles integrated into the C-pillars, accentuating that air of a coupe body, so popular today. However, the car has four doors and a hatchback. The ‘floating roof’ design should not be overlooked either, which reduces the rear window to a minimum.

Renault Megane 2021 Engine

It remains to be seen whether the future Megane will be 100% electric, coexisting with the current generation for as long as necessary, or whether Renault plans to follow the path opened by Citroën with its new C4, which is available in both thermal and electric versions.

The first alternative seems the most likely, since the Megane eVision concept has been developed on the new CMF-EV (Common Module Family- Electric Vehicles) platform, created for electric mobility. Configured in collaboration with Nissan, it will be used for the first time in series production on the next Renault Mégane.

By integrating the batteries into the floor of the passenger compartment, this platform will fit many vehicles in the Renault / Nissan range: SUV, sedan, coupe … As mentioned above, it ensures more space inside the car, even if it is shorter than before. , as in the case of the Megane.

As a reminder, the Megane eVision has a 160 kW (217 hp) electric motor that powers the front wheels. At the moment, we do not know the maximum autonomy of its battery.

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