Renault releases first image of new hybrid Espace

Renault has revealed, in the shadows, the profile and a partial image of the rear and the side of the new Espace. The transformation of a family minivan into a seven-seater hybrid SUV that will be presented in spring is completed.

The Renault Espace was an icon of minivans. Introduced by Renault in 1984, over the years it has gone through several generations and has undergone different updates. From its conception, the French manufacturer was looking for a spacious and versatile vehicle, with the capacity to transport seven people comfortably and with ample cargo space. This has been the case in the five generations presented so far. The last one already showed a tendency towards the SUV format that now, with the sixth one, has finished confirming, taking over the entire design.

In January, Renault announced that it would be at the end of the year when the marketing of this sixth generation would start. Now, with the publication of the first images, still incomplete, we know that it will be in the spring when it will be officially presented to the public and that it will be manufactured at the Villamuriel de Cerrato (Palencia) plant.

The manufacturer points out that this new generation, will maintain habitability and space in the passenger compartment, being able to accommodate seven people inside, despite presenting more compact dimensions.

A more compact SUV that maintains the familiar air

Renault has revealed, between lights and shadows, the silhouette and part of the rear and the side of the largest SUV in its entire range. In the official press release, the brand states that the new Espace “proposes an athletic design, with marked shoulders” that gives it a robust and sporty appearance. In the side view, the glass surface is stretched as far as possible towards the rear, helping to reaffirm “the slenderness and elegance of the vehicle” in which the rear wing “subtly invigorates the rear”.

Renault Escape

In this new generation, the dimensions of the Espace are more contained than in the previous one. Its length is 14 cm shorter, but with a longitudinal space of 2.48 m to the third row, a level slightly higher than that of the current Espace. Inside there will be two or three rows of seats so that the buyer can configure it according to their needs. In either case, even with all three rows full, you’ll still have a generous boot space.

With the SUV that today occupies the highest step in the manufacturer’s range, the Austral, it will share the CMF-CD platform and, it is assumed, some of the most innovative mechanics of the group. The main one will be the non-plug-in hybrid E-TECH capable of developing powers of up to 200 horsepower. In the case of the Austral, this electrical mechanism is capable of propelling the vehicle in fully electric mode for approximately five kilometers.

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