Renault will build its own charging network in Europe

Despite initial reluctance, manufacturers have realized that the charging network is a fundamental infrastructure to sell electric cars. In addition, it can become a source of income to offset the drop in sales and allows you to diversify sources of income. Now Renault has confirmed that it will launch its fast charging network in Europe.

This new network will be made up of a total of 200 stations that will be located in Renault dealerships located in strategic locations, such as near highways. They will have fast chargers and also elements such as a playground or space to buy food or drinks, and will begin their deployment in places such as Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, and Spain, which should be fully operational by mid-2024.

Despite being located in dealerships, they will not make the same mistakes as other manufacturers that started their installations in the early years of the electric car, and these stations will be available to all customers, regardless of the make of vehicle, and most importantly, They will be accessible 24 hours a day.

Renault will bet on a format where it will not be necessary to make large investments in the area’s electrical network since battery groups will be installed that will allow fast charging of up to six cars simultaneously without subjecting the local network to great stress. Therefore, we may be talking about stations with a minimum of six posts each.

Renault Charging

It remains to be seen if the deadlines are met, and also the price of recharging at these stations, which arrives a little late, but which will undoubtedly help improve the possibility of traveling with an electric car, and will add some competition to a sector very much in need of her.

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