Rivian tests low-cost 600 hp Enduro electric motor

Rivian has confirmed that the company is testing its new Enduro electric motor. This is the name of the first electric motor that they independently developed and manufactured by themselves, although the truth is that it is based on a Bosch design. Rivian has made modifications to it, to introduce important technical improvements to it, and they are also going to be in charge of manufacturing this electric motor with interesting features.

Although  Rivian has already announced that it’s Enduro electric motor will debut with the EDV, its large electric van, it has also announced that the next step will be to introduce this new motor in the R1 and R2. The CEO of Rivian has already confirmed through the social network Twitter that both the R1S and the R1T are being tested in New Zealand with this new self-made electric motor. And these tests are key because the EDV only uses an electric motor for the front axle, but the R1S and R1T have a  dual configuration, with a motor for each axle and four-wheel drive.

How Enduro, Rivian’s new electric motor, will benefit the brand and its electric cars

The introduction of its new Enduro electric motor will allow Rivian to reduce the manufacturing costs of its vehicles and also offer cheaper options to its customers. Right now, Rivian is using third-party electric motors and also in four-motor configurations. One motor is used for each wheel, two per axle, and this allows for really high performance. But it also involves significant costs that affect the final prices of your vehicles sold to customers.

In this case, the Rivian Enduro motor is based on a Bosch design that the brand has adapted and improved. This is how they have developed what has become their first own electric motor, which is not only internally designed but also going to be manufactured in Rivian. What we know about it is that it will offer more than 600 hp and a lot of torque, although Rivian has not specified figures for this section.

2022 Rivian R1T

But there are other major projects that Rivian is involved in right now. In addition to their new electric motor, they are about to present a  new LFP battery that will also be used for the EDV van. And they are also preparing to leap 800 V. Both the new motor and the battery should serve to reduce prices and allow customers to benefit from aid for the purchase of electric cars in the United States. A key step, without any doubt, is to be able to increase your sales and your customer base.

The switch to  800V, however, is more of a  technical improvement aimed at making battery charging faster. And also to allow a significant weight reduction in their vehicles. Be that as it may, all this is nothing more than evidence that Rivian is stepping on the accelerator and, above all, investing in important technologies for the development of current and future models of electric cars.

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