Rolls-Royce Black Badge Ghost: The luxury saloon

The brand of the Spirit of Ecstasy has been giving us subtle brushstrokes about their latest creation for several weeks. A creation based on its access saloon, the Ghost, promising, as is a tradition in the brand, an elegant image but endowed with a plus of sportiness, resulting in the new Rolls-Royce Black Badge Ghost.

Conceived as the purest and most technologically advanced of the Black Badge family, our protagonist of today will not leave anyone indifferent, thanks to his imposing and dark features that imprint the character of this version full of personality.

With 44,000 different colors to be chosen by the customer, Roll-Royce offers a wide range of personalization. However, the great jewel of the new model in terms of customization is the black color, announced by the mara as the “darkest black in the automotive industry”. A color created as a result of a long and complex method, which consists of spraying 45 kilos of paint, applying it to the electrostatically charged white body before drying it in the oven, printing two layers of transparent and finally being polished by a team of four artisans on hand, to finish a high-gloss piano finish like no other.

Also, its large glossy black grill is the protagonist, which together with its optics with LED technology give it a look, which undoubtedly carries the brand’s DNA in style, something that also happens on its side, where Rolls -Royce wanted to incorporate new 21-inch wheels made up of 44 layers of carbon fiber that stand out for their great resistance, the complexity of their manufacture and beauty if we look closely at them.

Rolls-Royce Black Badge Ghost

IRolls-Royce Black Badge Ghost interior

Inside, how could it be otherwise, you can breathe an atmosphere of great luxury, thanks to its meticulously treated wood, leather, and other high-quality materials and elements. In addition, on its ceiling we find more than 850 stars, being the top of the luxury for its lucky passengers.

Engine and price

Rolls-Royce Black Badge Ghost

Once this review of his image is done, we are going to talk about his heart. A 6.75-liter V12 Biturbo engine, 600 hp, and an impressive 900 Nm of maximum torque that is available from 1,700 rpm. And is that this new version has 29 hp more than its predecessor and with 50 Nm of extra torque.

With all this, you can imagine that the price will only be within the reach of a lucky few since it starts from 249,500 pounds, or what is equal to 295,408 euros at the exchange rate. To which we will have to add a few thousand euros more if we equip something from the infinite catalog of options of the brand.

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