Seat Arona 2021: Facelift for the small SUV

The small Seat SUV made its debut in 2017. Since then, the manufacturer of the Arona has sold a good 350,000 units. And now Arona is upset – in a positive way. Because not only the technology brother Seat Ibiza has now been delighted with a facelift, the Arona is also being made fit for the second half of its model cycle.

The exterior revision is somewhat more extensive than that of the Ibiza. At first glance, we dare to say that we recognize a somewhat more assertive character. The Arona looks stronger and more robust. This may primarily be due to the new Xperience equipment that will be available for the small SUV from now on.

Seat Arona 2021
Seat Arona 2021

The front section also benefits from standard full LED headlights and new, raised, and centrally mounted fog lights. The rear will be newly spoiled and there is also a “diffuser”. What should never be missing from a Seat facelift? New rims! We can tick the box here with the Arona. Just like with the new cursive model name on the tailgate. 

As far as the changes in the passenger compartment are concerned, the Arona does not make much difference to the Ibiza. Both visually and technically. In a nutshell: the dashboard (now softer), infotainment (now larger and more networked), and driver assistance systems (now more extensive and “autonomous” while driving and parking) have been brought up to date with the latest Seat status. In the future, hands can look forward to a Nappa leather steering wheel and modified ambient lighting highlights the new ventilation nozzles.

Seat Arona 2021

Under the hood, everything stays as it was with the Arona. The diesel flew out of the program at the end of 2019 and will not experience reincarnation due to the facelift. The gasoline engine range includes two 1.0-liter three-cylinder engines with 95 or 110 hp. The 1.5-liter four-cylinder has an output of 150 hp and is coupled with a seven-speed DSG as standard. If you don’t feel like the six-speed gearshift, Seat also puts the DSG in the 110 PS version. With the 95 PS Arona, you have to be content with five gears.

Terms such as MHEV or even PHEV can not yet be found in the Arona lexicon. CNG remains the only abbreviation that could provide variety apart from gasoline. This is the well-known 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine with 90 hp.

We don’t yet know when the new Arona will move into the dealerships. It is also not yet known when the first models will be delivered. Prices? You already guessed it … here we can only name the current Arona price. This is 17,850 euros.

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