Seat Ibiza 2021: Debut With Facelift & New Interior

The seat has just renewed the Seat Ibiza, one of its historical models, along with the Seat León, of the Spanish brand. It is an update of the Seat Ibiza launched in 2017 and that corresponds to the fifth generation of this model.

This Seat Ibiza, therefore, will remain in the dealerships until approximately 2025, the date on which its successor would arrive. Precisely in this sense, the successor to the Seat Ibiza by then could already be the next 100% electric model that is expected to be manufactured in Spain, both in Martorell, at the Seat factory, and in Landaben, at the factory in Volkswagen.

Blue Seat Ibiza

As for the changes that the new Seat Ibiza receives, the first thing we have to say is that most of them are not seen, since they are inside. It is the interior, perhaps, the section that has been modified the most. Added to this are some details of the exterior and improvements in the range of engines and equipment.

Starting with the exterior, Seat now announces that the Ibiza has LED headlight technology as standard (either Eco-Led or Full led); new designs on the alloy wheels, and a new font on the tailgate along with the new Seat logo.

However, as we have pointed out, it is the interior where more changes appear. The number of changes made is surprising because it is quite high. The central and lateral ventilation nozzles have been modified and all this has allowed the introduction of a new dashboard with a softer touch and that has larger screens.

Blue Seat Ibiza

Thus, 8.2-inch or 9.2-inch screens can be included in the center of the console. Some screens remind us a lot of the Seat León. Likewise, it can equip wireless connection to CarPlay and Android Auto, through the Full Link system, and includes the voice recognition system that is activated with the phrase ‘Hello, Hello’. Also new is the steering wheel and instrument panel (up to 10.2 inches); as well as connectivity since it now incorporates the eSIM card that makes it a connected car.

Another aspect in which Seat has also worked has been on driving since Ibiza can now incorporate assistants such as adaptive cruise control, the involuntary lane departure assistant, the lateral blind spot assistant, traffic sign recognition, and high beam assistant.

As for the engines, the Seat Ibiza abandons the diesel and is only available with gasoline engines and with a CNG version of Compressed Natural Gas. The versions of gasoline are the MPI 1.0 of 80 CV; the 1.0 EcoTSI of 95 and 110 CV and the 1.5 EcoTSI of 150 CV. Added to them is the aforementioned 1.0 TGI of CNG with 90 CV that gives it the ECO label.

All a best seller

The Seat Ibiza, which is now in its fifth generation, is an urban car (what is known as a utility) that the Spanish brand has for sale since 1984 and has sold almost six million units so far, around 1.7 million in Spain.

Red Ibıza 2021

One of the main novelties that this Seat Ibiza has is that it is only marketed with a single five-door body. Therefore, the 3-door or SC and the familiar or ST disappear. The reason for this simplification of the range is because the number of customers of these other bodies was low. Hence, they decided to abolish them in 2017.

A reference among city cars

The Seat Ibiza is a car that belongs to the segment called utility, a category of cars with an urban focus and which is one of the most demanded. Therefore, compete against models such as:

Seat Ibiza 2021 Dimensions

About its dimensions, in the absence of knowing the final data, everything seems to indicate (since the platform does not change) that the measurements will be very similar. We are talking about a length of 4.06 meters long, a width of 1.78 meters, and a height of 1.44 meters. Its wheelbase is 2.54 meters.

Seat Ibiza 2021

MQB-A0 platform

The Seat Ibiza is the first model of the Volkswagen group to receive this platform. Later, it has also been included in the Seat Arona, framed this among the urban SUVs; as well as the Volkswagen Polo and the Volkswagen T-Cross.

This new platform is key to understanding the evolution of Ibiza since it has meant a great improvement in the car. To begin with, we must talk about that greater habitability that we mentioned and that is due to the greater wheelbase of the car. This platform allows greater habitability.

Red Seat Ibıza 2021 Rear View

Seat Ibiza 2021 Dynamic behavior

And to this is added a better dynamic behavior The tread – how the car sits on the asphalt – is outstanding. Here once again the new Ibiza has won many integers compared to its predecessor.

This is also due to the introduction of new and different types of steels, which result in a 33% increase in body stiffness. According to Seat, about 900 robots are working for the new Ibiza, providing more than 4,000 welding points.

New Ibıza Interior

And this improvement in stiffness is what has generated an improved behavior of the car. Other reasons that explain this greater dynamism must be sought in the increase in the distances between tracks, the size of the wheels, and the incorporation of improved suspensions. Also, versions like the FR have a lower ground clearance (-1.5 centimeters) and the set of suspensions still present 20% more firmness.

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