Shanghai Gigafactory reaches 2 million Tesla production

In less than four years, the Shanghai Gigafactory, Tesla’s first outside the American continent, has managed to reach a production volume that places it as the best in the world. Elon Musk was very clear about where he wanted to open his first factory abroad. The plans of the American businessman included accelerating the production of his cars around the world while he conquered new territories. China has become the world reference for electric mobility. Currently, there is no better place to manufacture than there. Their work rate is second to none and, incidentally, the costs are considerably lower. Tesla is not the only one that has representation in the country, but it is the one that is taking the most advantage of the situation. Shanghai Gigafactory works at a record pace.

Musk himself officially opened the facility at the end of 2019 after some of the fastest construction in memory in the industry. Less than 12 months between the laying of the first stone and the start of the activity. For the first year, production focused exclusively on the Tesla Model 3, but in late 2020,  the Model Y came into play, and the frenzy hasn’t slowed down since. A year ago the Chinese workers celebrated the production of the unit one million. Today they have managed to double the number.

The Gigafactory took almost three years to reach the first million cars assembled, more specifically 33 months from the official start of operations. The subsequent million has significantly shortened the terms. To put the excellent work of the Chinese plant a little more in context, Tesla recently celebrated the production of its five million units worldwide. If Shanghai continues to work at this rate, by the end of the year its production could represent 50% of the company’s total historical manufacturing. All in just four years of history.

Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory

Despite the figures saying otherwise, Tesla claims that the production capacity of the Asian Gigafactory is 750,000 units per year, but the reality is quite different. If we take into account the real cycle of 12 months, the plant works at a higher rate, around 935,000 units per year. It must be taken into account that a few months ago the plant halted part of its production due to the arrival of the new Tesla Model 3. The saloon was presented just a few days ago at the Munich Motor Show, but its production is already scheduled for the Chinese plant.

Currently, the bulk of manufacturing is focused on the Tesla Model Y. The American electric SUV has managed to establish itself as one of the best-selling cars in the world and the most popular electric in the entire market, followed by the Model 3. Tesla has plans to expand the activity of the Chinese plant, as well as that of other plants throughout the world, including the Gigafactory in Berlin. In a few years, the new factory in Mexico will add millions of units produced to the collection. The works have already begun, although they will not be carried out as quickly as the Chinese ones.

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