Shell opens massive charging station to serve 3,000 car a day

The Anglo-Dutch oil company Shell has been one of those that has understood where the transport sector is going, investing in diversifying its activity towards electric cars. Now, the European company has opened one of the largest electric car charging stations in the world, capable of serving several thousand cars per day.

This station has opened in the Chinese town of Shenzhen, has no less than 258 fast charging points, and has become the company’s largest, capable of serving 3,300 electric cars per day.

As is increasingly common, in addition to charging, the station also offers retail services, coffee, and food, and the station has solar panels on the roof of the pergola that cover the points, and which will be able to generate about 300,000 kWh per day. anus.

China is one of the most important growth markets for Shell’s retail and mobility business, where, according to the company’s data, the company’s charging stations are used two to three times more than the average industry.

In the first half of the year, Shenzhen had 860,000 electric and plug-in hybrid cars registered, which is leading to accelerating plans to expand the infrastructure necessary to service an increasingly large fleet, and the city is expected to have 300 fast charging stations by 2025, and that number will increase to 1,000 by 2030.

Shell Recharge Station

An example is that the commitment to charging infrastructure is a fundamental step to increase the penetration rate of the electric car in any market, and where energy companies like Shell are partnering with manufacturers like BYD to accelerate their projects.

In this case, the alliance between Shell and BYD will involve the installation of 10,000 charging terminals for electric vehicles in Shenzhen, with plans to expand to other Chinese cities in the future.

It has not been the only such agreement formed, and Shell recently sealed a strategic cooperation agreement with NIO to jointly build battery swapping stations in China and Europe.

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