Skoda Enyaq Coupe iV It will be debut on January 31

The popular Skoda Enyaq will celebrate its world premiere as a coupe version at the end of January 2022. Skoda has published a teaser picture for it. We tell you what is known so far.

The Enyaq iV is a complete success for Skoda, so it is not surprising that – analogous to the ID.5 – a coupé version of the successful electric car is being pushed behind. The Enyaq iV Coupé will be presented at the end of January 2022.

  • Enyaq iV Coupé teased
  • World premiere on January 31, 2022
  • Very good aerodynamics
  • Good efficiency

Teaser and design

So far, the manufacturer has only released a teaser picture for the Enyaq Coupé. You don’t see much yet, but you probably won’t have changed much apart from the sloping roofline. We assume that the rest of the car is identical to the classic Enyaq iV.

We know it from the pairing ID.4 and ID.5 – Skoda is part of the VW Group and will therefore not drive a great another line.

You can see that in the Erlkönig pictures that appeared some time ago. Only the rear and the rear of the vehicle are glued – that is also the part that will change.

In the case of a coupé, the headroom inside will be lost a little, but the look is sportier and a tad more modern than the classic SUV model.

Skoda Enyaq Coupe teaser

As was to be expected, the front section hardly differs from the classic Enyaq iV. It can currently be seen that the rear window is quite large and there will be a small rump. They also opted for a large overhang and the rear lights are pulled far into the trunk lid.

The angular headlights and the optional illuminated grille will almost certainly be found on the new Coupé as well, alongside a similar range of 19- to 21-inch alloy wheels.

As far as the dimensions are concerned, we do not expect any major changes. Only the height should be a little below the 1.62 meters of the crossover, after all, it is a coupé with a naturally flatter roofline.

SkSkoda Enyaq Coupe iV engines

The new Skoda Enyaq iV Coupé will get a very similar selection of engine and battery combinations as the classic crossover. However, the basic version 50 iV will probably not be available as a coupé version. Skoda relies on the most powerful drives, i.e. the 80 iV with 150 W power and a range of 510 kilometers. It is traditionally available as a rear-wheel drive, but you can also get it as an 80x with all-wheel drive. This version then has an output of 195 kW and covers at least 460 kilometers.

The top version is the 225 kW vRS iV. It is not yet clear whether other, less powerfully motorized versions of the Coupé will also drop out in addition to the basic version. The Enyaq iV Coupe will come with 50kW DC charging as standard, but you will likely be able to upgrade to 100 kW or 125 kW DC charging, depending on which model you buy – just like the regular Enyaq iV.

In plain language, this means that you can charge your car from 10% to 80% in less than 40 minutes with a 125 kW fast charger. However, a full charge with a 7 kW wall box installed in your home takes between six and eight hours.

Skoda Enyaq Coupe iV Prices and the start of sales

The Skoda Enyaq iV Coupé will celebrate its world premiere on January 31, 2022. After that, it will take a few more months before the market launch can be expected. The coupé version of the Enyaq should be in the car dealerships by summer 2022 at the latest.

The Enyaq iV Coupé will probably cost a little more than the standard crossover, so we expect an entry-level price of 40,000 euros for the smallest battery version.

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