Skoda Fabia RS 2021: Will the monster return?

Whether the Skoda Fabia RS will celebrate its comeback with the fourth generation in 2021 is still in the stars. The illustration by LatestCarNews, however, offers the opportunity to speculate about the athlete’s horsepower and price.

The Skoda Fabia is again in talks with the new edition of the Czech small car – but so far only among fans. No reason not to assign speculative horsepower and price figures to the illustration by LatestCarNews. Unlike its predecessor, the new Fabia edition is on the “MQB-A0” group platform.

With the newly gained flexibility of the platform, an RS version for the Czechs would be easy to implement. Nevertheless, nothing has (yet) been heard from the official side in the direction of the sports version. If the Fabia RS were built, an obvious option would be to equip the Fabia with the two-liter four-cylinder turbo gasoline engine from the VW Polo GTI.

Its 207 hp would be an appropriate increase – not only compared to the 180 hp predecessor from 2014, but also to the new top variant with 1.5-liter displacement and 150 hp.


For the Skoda Fabia RS to stand out from the standard version, it should already have a black radiator grille. The more dynamically drawn air inlets and the black front splitter are adapted from Illustrator X-Tomi Design from the Skoda Octavia RS. In addition, there is a lower sports suspension with large alloy wheels. A black roof is already an option for the “civil” version of the small car.

Skoda Fabia RS 2021

To underline the sporty appearance, it would be conceivable for the Skoda Fabia RS as standard trim. But that’s just as speculative as the whole car: the Czechs only announced the Combi at the launch of the Fabia 2021 and promised well-known equipment variants up to the Monte Carlo. What price the Fabia RS would come at is of course no less speculative.

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