Skoda Kushaq: Will not arrive in Europe for now?

The SUV Skoda range consists of the Kamiq, Karoq, and Kodiaq … but now we have to add a fourth model called Skoda Kushaq. This crossover of urban focus and compact size is a car that we will not see in Europe, at least not for the moment, and it represents the most affordable and simple Skoda that the Czech firm intends to manufacture. Therefore, the Skoda Kushaq is by definition an SUV in the purest Dacia Duster style, which only makes us wonder if launching the Skoda Kushaq in Europe would make sense.

Skoda Kushaq: a more affordable Kamiq

Precisely a few days ago we were analyzing the idea that the Volkswagen group was considering the possibility of turning Skoda into its own Dacia. With this movement, it has been speculated on many occasions, and it is that Skoda has become a very tough rival for other brands of the group such as SEAT or Volkswagen itself, having the quality/price ratio as a reason for being, but proving to be at a level of manufacturing quality that is very similar – if not the same – as its rivals, while still maintaining lower production costs than those faced by both SEAT and Volkswagen. But once again, Volkswagen stepped in to deny any intention to demote Skoda from the group.


Skoda Kushaq
Skoda Kushaq

However, the launch of a new model such as the Skoda Kushaq for the Indian market invites us to reflect again. Based on a specific platform called MQB-A0-IN, a derivation of the MQB-A0 used by cars like Kamiq, Arona, or T-Cross, what we find is a compact size SUV designed to be very affordable, while maintaining the brand’s philosophy in terms of design, manufacturing, or engines. Without going any further, this crossover focused on the Indian market will have 1.0 and 1.5 TSI engines, which can be combined with a 6-speed manual gearbox or a 7-speed DSG automatic, and are only available with 4×2 traction.

We must also bear in mind that the Skoda Kushaq will be positioned just below the Skoda Karoq, a model that is sold in India just like in Europe. Therefore, the Kushaq will occupy the space that the Kamiq defends in Europe, although under very different manufacturing and prices. The fact of not having created a specific Kamiq for the Indian market already makes it clear that the Kushaq will be a considerably cheaper car to produce, and therefore more affordable.

However, we must bear in mind that the Skoda Kamiq with a price of 15,300 euros is already an interesting product in its category, as it is one of the cheapest among the general options ( Stonic, Kona, Captur, etc.). However, the Dacia Duster would be one step below all of them in price with offers that allow it to start at 11,500 euros. Therefore, if we take into account that the VAG group does not intend to lower the price of Skoda access and that the Kamiq occupies the space that the Kushaq would need, the chances of seeing an anti-Dacia Duster manufactured by Skoda are practically diluted.

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