Skoda Vision 7S new preview of the electric SUV

The original family car is the first to adopt the brand's new design philosophy.

Skoda has released a new preview of its next prototype, the Vision 7S , which will debut the new corporate design language “Modern Solid”. Apparently, it will be a large SUV with a seven-seater cabin; In addition, it will be 100% electric, so it could advance the lines of the next member of the Czech firm’s iV family.

The prototype will have a 6+1 interior configuration, with a small second-row center seat designed specifically for small children. However, it is to be expected that this element will not be preserved in the final model , which will probably opt for a more practical and conventional three-seater bench seat.

Like other previous prototypes of the Volkswagen Group, the Skoda Vision 7S is capable of adapting its dashboard according to the needs of the passengers . Thus, in moments of rest (for example, while the car is charging), the steering wheel and instrumentation can be removed, while the vertical touch screen rotates and adopts a horizontal format.

To go from one configuration to another, it is only necessary to choose between Drive mode and Relax mode , which also moves the seats backwards to maximize space. The prototype is expected to be fully revealed next September, although an exact date for its launch has not yet been specified.

Skoda Vision 7S interior

The Skoda Vision 7S will be presented in September

Although it is still early to venture to make predictions, it is most likely that this electric SUV is the brother of the already well-known Volkswagen ID.6 , an SUV with up to seven seats that is currently sold in China. Therefore, the hypothetical final version of the Vision 7S would be one step above the Enyaq iV within the manufacturer’s range.

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