Skoda Vision GT Futuristic Electric Convertible

Skoda will face in the coming years what is probably its deepest transformation since its integration into the Volkswagen Group in the 1990s. The Czech firm has not only presented a new brand image and an unprecedented design language (“Modern Solid”) for its next models, but it also wants to change its positioning.

To show its new approach, the company has developed the Vision GT prototype, a 100% electric speedster of which only a series of sketches have been revealed so far. This model not only shows us the future of the brand but also draws direct inspiration from its illustrious past.

And it is that the Skoda Vision GT is based on the design of the Skoda 1100 OHC of the year 1957, a competition vehicle that, thanks to the combination of a very light body (it weighed only 550 kg) and an engine with just 1,089 cubic centimeters of displacement capable of yielding 92 hp, it achieved some sporting successes in the middle of the last century.

Like the original model, the concept car is painted in a striking red color. However, while the competition Barchetta was a two-seater, the new model has a single centrally located seat, a configuration that reminds us that we are dealing with a car that will not reach production.

The Skoda Vision GT is exhibited at the Design Museum in Brussels

From an aesthetic point of view, we should highlight the LED line that crosses the front from side to side and the very long hood, similar to that of thermal sports cars with large displacement engines. Nor can we forget the double rear spoiler and the large-diameter wheels, which give it a dynamic and decidedly sporty look.

Skoda Vision GT

Beyond a racing wheel, the cabin will be characterized by having a small windshield that will act as a screen. In addition, the driver will be able to view information projected directly on the visor of his helmet, an essential element in a vehicle of these characteristics.

Those who want to see the Skoda Vision GT in person will have to go to the Design Museum in Brussels (Belgium), where it is exhibited in the form of a model. Skoda is one of the participants selected to be part of an exhibition that seeks to support the Czech presidency of the Council of the European Union.

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