Sony and Honda will launch electric cars in 2026

Sony and Honda have announced that the fruits of their electric car joint venture will have its first result in 2026. Earlier this year we learned that Sony was getting into the car industry when it announced a partnership with Honda. A joint venture that was called Sony Honda Mobility and that now has a date for the start of its activities.

Japanese companies have announced that the first Sony Honda will be an electric car that will open the reservation book in 2025 in markets such as the United States and Japan, Europe also has possibilities, with the first models reaching customers in 2026.

According to Reuters, the new Sony Honda electric car will have a price that will place it in the premium segment, and it will have elements such as software developed by Sony, which will include autonomous driving and subscription infotainment systems.

In this regard, the president of Sony Honda Mobility, Izumi Kawanishi, has indicated that: “ As autonomous driving technology continues to evolve and the amount of concentration required to drive is reduced, we must consider new ways to enjoy and spend time in the vehicles ”.

Unsurprisingly, Honda is handling all parts of the vehicle, while Sony has been tasked with producing the software part. Sony will also handle sensors for an autonomous driving system, taking advantage of its experience in sectors such as virtual reality.

Sony VISION-S 02 interior

Honda is working on the development of several electric platforms

In 2020, Sony unveiled the first electric prototype at CES in Las Vegas, the VISION-S (later renamed VISION-S 01). This sedan was conceived as a  showcase for the various technologies developed by the company for the automotive sector.

At the time, Sony confirmed that it was studying the possibility of bringing both models to market. Therefore,  it would not be surprising that finally, the joint venture with Honda is responsible for producing both the VISION-S 01 and the VISION-S 02, which however could go on to use a base of Honda origin.

Honda is currently developing three electric platforms  (for small, medium, and large cars respectively). The first will be focused on the Asian market and will debut with a commercial vehicle, while the second will be a joint development with General Motors. The third will be called e: Architecture, which will be defined by software and will be used in its flagship vehicles for China and North America.

Sony CEO  Kenichiro Yoshida recently confirmed that “Sony Honda Mobility Inc.” will operate as a separate entity from Honda and Sony; In addition, it is possible that an initial public offering (IPO) will be carried out to seek financing for the new joint venture.

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