Tata studies building a battery factory in Europe

Tata Motors, the parent of the Jaguar Land Rover group, plans to build a gigafactory of batteries on European soil. The Indian company contemplates two possible locations: the United Kingdom (something logical, since Jaguar Land Rover is an English company) or Spain. Those responsible for Tata have already contacted the authorities of both countries to start negotiations.

Spain has several factors in its favor against the United Kingdom. The main one is that it has the support of European funds for the transformation of the industry; in fact, the second call for the PERTE program (Strategic Projects for the Recovery and Economic Transformation) of the Electric and Connected Vehicle will be announced throughout the second quarter.

Tata is considering building its plant in Zuera (Zaragoza), a location that the Volkswagen Group also studied before choosing Sagunto (Valencia) as the location for its battery factory. Some representatives of Tata have already visited the area.

Although there is no official confirmation, this may be the first step for Tata’s return to Europe. The Asian firm is preparing a major electric offensive, and it would not be surprising if it ended up bringing its zero-emission range to our market, thirsty for affordable models.

Tata could return to Europe with a 100% electric range

Tata currently has three electric models (Tiago EV, Tigor EV, and Nexon EV), soon to be joined by the Altroz ​​EV. But this is only the beginning. During the recent Auto Expo 2023 in New Delhi, the brand presented the concept versions of its three upcoming electric SUVs: Curvv, Harrier, and Sierra. Three proposals would fit perfectly on our roads.

Tata Sierra EV Concept

The Curvv, of which a first concept car was already shown in 2022, will be launched in India in 2024. Available interchangeably as thermal and electric, this approximately 4.30-meter long “coupé” crossover will be one step above the before-mentioned Nexon EV.

The Harrier is a 4.60-meter SUV that starts from the Range Rover Evoque platform. Available since 2018 with thermal engines, its new electric version is expected to equip two electric motors and a 60 kWh battery, enough to approve a range of between 400 and 500 km under the Indian cycle.

The Sierra, scheduled for 2025, will be the last to arrive. The original Sierra (1991-2003), sold in our country as Telcosport, was the first passenger car produced by Tata, which until then had focused on pickup trucks.

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