Tesla accelerates the installation of Superchargers in Europe

Tesla ‘s plans for its Supercharger network are in the medium and long term due to its opening to all brands. That is the objective to monetize a gigantic investment that has become one more arm of future sources of income. But so that this does not become a short-term problem of saturation of the stations, the American manufacturer is accelerating the expansion of the current network.

An example of this important effort is the milestone achieved yesterday when in France alone Tesla launched no less than 100 new points spread over five stations.

A record that allows the brand to continue expanding its network just before the start of an exit operation that seems to also be a record this summer in Europe.

Also, these 100 points are all V3 chargers. Something that supposes points of 250 kW that do not have to divide their power when another car connects to the nearest outlet. A way to speed up the rotation of vehicles and serve as many as possible.

The V3 Superchargers, as we remember, allow a higher charge rate to be achieved than their predecessor thanks to a new liquid-cooled charging cable. Said cable is lighter, more flexible, and more efficient than the air-cooled cables that we could find in the V2 Superchargers.

Tesla estimates that the Model 3 Long Range can recover about 120 km of autonomy in just 5 minutes thanks to one of these shots, or reach 80% in just 20 minutes

An expansion of the network that is allowing not only to carry cargo to all corners of France but also with increasingly larger stations. For example, the latest inaugurated or expanded have between 16 points the smallest, up to 28 points the largest.

Tesla Supercharger

An exponential growth should allow Tesla to become one of the main players in the recharging sector, which allows it to diversify its income and reduce the risk in case car sales drop for some reason.

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