Tesla begins deliveries of New Model S and Model X in Europe

Tesla wants to improve delivery figures as it happens at the end of each year. The final push also includes the first deliveries on European soil of the refreshed Tesla Model S and Model X.

As is often the case at the end of each year, Tesla is making one last push on deliveries. Those from Austin want to close 2022 in style with a 50% increase in operations. Although no one believes that he can achieve that success rate, the final figure will not be far below. Some analysts expect Tesla to deliver almost 1.4 million vehicles this year, and to achieve that the first Tesla Model S and Model X Plaid are already in the hands of European customers.

The wait has been long, very long. A year ago Tesla made the drastic decision to stop selling its two flagships on the Old Continent. The Model X and Model S barely represent a small part of the deliveries, and to expedite shipments, it was decided to eliminate the two most expensive models from the catalog. The Tesla Model 3 and Model Y account for the main bulk of sales both in Europe and in the rest of the world. Normally, Americans have chosen to give priority to the vehicles that most customers buy.

The year has been much better than expected for Tesla. Despite having to face some obstacles during the first third of the year, mainly caused by China’s health policies due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the course of 2022 will go down in history. This will be the first year that Tesla has delivered more than a million cars, and you can also say that it is the year that the Model S and Model X hit European soil again.

As Teslarati reports, the first units have already reached customers. The initial game of units has been very limited and destined mainly for markets such as the German or the Dutch. However, it also reports that many more units should soon arrive at the port of Antwerp, in Belgium, from the port of Baltimore. A few weeks ago, internal Tesla sources confirmed that delivery times to European customers were going to be cut. Initially, deliveries should have started next year.

Tesla Model X

Regarding the Spanish market, we cannot confirm any data because, logically, Tesla wants to focus on priority markets. The national website continues to give very tight delivery times. If you request a unit today, you will have it at home throughout the first quarter of 2023. The long-range Model S and Model Y will arrive later. Tesla has confirmed that they will also reach Europe, although he has not dared to give a specific time frame. These will be the best-selling units, with a lower price than the Plaid versions, which have a minimum price of 140,000 euros.

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