Tesla Bot a humanoid robot that will arrive in 2022

The final icing on the Tesla AI DayTesla’s latest Artificial Intelligence event, has been Elon Musk introducing the world to the arrival not of a new zero-emission car, but of an autonomous humanoid robot dedicated to providing services in general to the persons.

One of Musk’s many dreams and visions is to get a robot that makes the robot, at least that is how he meant the idea he had in mind when designing and developing his electric car factories.

Now, this idea may be closer than ever to the hand of a humanoid robot designed for ” repetitive and boring tasks “, in the words of the CEO himself.

Tesla Bot

Tesla Bot

Under the name Tesla Bot, Elon Musk has announced plans to mass-build this new humanoid robot.

This latest invention is the result of the development of Tesla, which the manager considers being the largest robotics company in the world, about autonomous driving capabilities, data networks, associated technologies, and other elements of electric cars, which he sells every day. all over the world.

It’s essential for Musk that Tesla maximize its capabilities and technologies like the pure vision they are beginning to use in their cars.

The robot is 172 cm tall and its approximate total weight is 56.7 kg. With these dimensions, it will be able to walk at a speed of 8 km / h and transport objects of 20 kg. The maximum weight capacity that the Tesla Bot can lift in its first versions will be approximately 68 kg.

Humanoid robot

Tesla Humanoid robot

According to the CEO of Tesla, he has referred to his new creation, half-jokingly half-seriously, as a humanoid robot for which ” we are trying to be as literal as possible: Can it do boring, dangerous and repetitive jobs that people cannot? want to do? »

Musk’s reflection makes it clear: “You know, once I do, maybe I can do other things too… I mean, maybe I could be your friend too. I’m sure people will think of some very creative uses. “

At the moment there is not much more technical data or the true capabilities of this new Tesla product.

But in the presentation, it has been indicated that the ‘heart’ of this robot will be the FSD hardware that we find in the brand’s vehicles, which will be connected to a system of cameras located on the robot’s head, which will be the same as those used in Tesla cars for autonomous driving. But for now, from Palo Alto they accelerate the development of this technology since ” Tesla does not do it, someone else will .”

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