Tesla delivers first Semi Truck with 3 years late

This past dawn the delivery event of the first units of the Tesla Semi took place. Tesla’s electric truck that after five long years of development and delays, has finally started its commercial life.

During the event, Tesla made the symbolic delivery of the first units to the first customer. The beverage giant Pepsi, which already in 2017 placed an order for 100 units to connect two of its factories in the United States, and five years later has been able to attend the delivery event.

Unfortunately, Tesla has not provided much data, which indicates that this is possibly an event scheduled for publicity and to meet some requirements with investors, since at the moment the trucks have not been seen running, and we do not know their technical characteristics. Something that Tesla normally reveals during deliveries of its vehicles.

We do know that the Semi will be a powerful truck. Very powerful. And it is that the use of three engines such as those used by the Model S Plaid allows you to enjoy such a high torque, which according to Elon Musk is like an elephant with the acceleration of a cheetah.

This of course is not designed to win acceleration tests, but to ensure that the vehicle can pull a good amount of cargo, up to 37,000 kilos, and not lose too much speed on climbs. Something that translates into time, and in this sector time is money.

Elon Musk has revealed that the system used by the Semi is a 1,000-volt system, which allows it to access ultra-fast recharges of up to 1 MW, which is just 30 minutes will allow it to recover 70% of its range. A system that will also receive the Cybertruck.

Tesla Semi

Tesla has also indicated that in addition to being fast, the Semi will be extremely efficient. It will be able to travel up to 800 km, and they have even published a video where we can see in real-time the route taken by a unit that has achieved this figure at full load, and where it has averaged consumption of 323 kWh per 100 km.

This is a figure that you will achieve thanks to the engine disconnection system when it is not necessary, which allows you to move with only one when the truck is traveling at cruising speed and does not need the thrust of the other two.

It now remains to know both the price, which has not been revealed, the range of the access version, and if it will have Autopilot technology as standard from the beginning, which can undoubtedly make an important difference and which would be the icing on the cake. of a new electric truck coming to market.

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