Tesla ends free and unlimited basic connectivity

Until this week, all Tesla models leaving the factory had the option of premium connectivity at a cost. But those who did not opt ​​for this enjoyed a series of services for free and forever. But now Tesla has made a new change in its policies ending this unlimited basic service.

Vehicles that leave the factory from July 20 will see a small change in their connectivity service conditions, and that is that it will not last forever, but will last up to 8 years.

This means that after this time the owner will have to pay for its use, at a price that has not yet been made public, or go to the premium pack, which in US has a cost of $9.99 per month, and which includes browsing satellite, real-time traffic, video or music streaming, and internet browsing, or lose these services.

Customers currently have an intermediate alternative and that is to use the mobile as a router and provide a service to have streaming music or video, or navigation and karaoke. Not so real-time traffic. But they must connect every time they enter their vehicle to the Wi-Fi and connect to the network created from the phone.

It remains to be seen what price customers will have to pay when the time comes, which will already be in 2030, and which could mean starting up a basic service at a cost of around $5 or $6 month or directly having to go to the premium pack, with those almost $10 per month.

Tesla Connectivity

A new movement that seeks to exploit the entire ecosystem that Tesla has created, and that will mean that in a few years the activity not related to the manufacture of vehicles will occupy an important part of its income, either through subscription systems or through the network. of chargers, as well as possible by the license of technologies such as software, autonomous driving, and other elements.

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