Tesla gives away 10,000 km of free supercharging

The American manufacturer has launched a special promotion to increase sales of the Model 3 in the last fortnight of the year: free recharging throughout its network of Superchargers.

Tesla’s Supercharger network is one of the Californian manufacturer’s most important sales arguments. Although its electric cars offer a lot of technology, high performance, and efficiency, it is the charging network that it has generated throughout the world that makes the biggest difference with its competition. Being able to go almost anywhere by relying on Superchargers makes the experience of traveling in a Tesla different from traveling in another electric car.

Aware of this, the American firm used it for several years, making it free for all its clients. However, the arrival of the Model 3, and the consequent increase in sales, ended that, so the owners of their cars began to pay to recharge. Since then, Tesla has randomly used its network by offering it as part of its referral programs or giving away free charging miles.

Two reasons for this offer

During these days, some of its customers are receiving an email offering them 10,000 kilometers of free charging throughout its network “to thank them for receiving their new vehicle”. But it won’t be for everyone. It will only apply to those who will receive their order between December 15 and 31, 2022. In addition, second-hand car inventory units are not included.

Tesla Supercharger

According to the brand, it wants to thank its customers for having the time to “receive their cars in the busy Christmas season.” In addition, it will increase the figures for vehicle deliveries this year and avoid possible cancellations. In his email, he adds that he is not responsible “if the delivery of your vehicle, for whatever reason, cannot be made before December 31, 2022, and you are not eligible for this offer.”

In the case of complying with the strict conditions of this offer, the company offers “a free credit in the Superchargers equivalent to approximately 10,000 km traveled”. They will be valid as of January 2023 and may be used for two calendar years from the date of delivery. It also clarifies that they are not transferable to another vehicle or another person.

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