Tesla Model 2 will cost less than $25,000

Tesla Model 2 will probably be with us in 2023. We examined the Tesla Model 2, which is said to be less than $ 25,000, with all its details and pictures.

  • In 2023, Tesla is expected to launch a new hatchback that will probably cost less than $25,000.
  • The new Tesla will get completely new battery technology that provides about 16 percent more range per kWh.
  • Thanks to the new battery technology, the car can be made cheaply and still perform better than conventional electric cars, according to Tesla.

Tesla is feeling the competition from other car manufacturers more and more. For now, it cannot compete with smaller electric vehicles such as the Volkswagen ID.3 and the Nissan Leaf. The American brand simply has no cars in that price range.

But that is about to change. Elon Musk is planning a real Tesla Hatchback, Autocar reports. A smaller model that should cost under $25,000 while still delivering the typical Tesla experience. Last year, Musk already hinted at the arrival of a hatchback.

The Tesla Model 2, as we now call it for convenience, should appear on the market in 2023. Given the history of time schedules that Tesla maintains, it could just be a year or two later. And although it will be a while before we can welcome little Tesla, we already know quite a bit about the car. We’ll sort it out.

Tesla Model 2 Battery and range

The two most important things about an electric car are its battery and the range it can achieve. To start with the latter: for the Tesla Model 2, we know very little about it. 

We dare to predict that the car will be able to cover more than 400 kilometers on a full battery. Why? Because Elon Musk is very firm about this. He believes that an electric car should have a minimum range of 250 miles (402 kilometers). Tesla no longer has the standard Model Y in production for that reason. That car could ‘only’ travel 244 miles (392 kilometers) on a full battery.

There is already a bit more to tell about the battery in the upcoming Tesla scion because the company gave a detailed explanation about it. This is a completely new battery pack without solder lips that can be produced up to 50 percent cheaper. It is 35 percent smaller than a normal battery pack, but delivers 5 times more energy and has 6 times more capacity. That translates to a 16 percent greater range that can be taken out of the package.

Tesla Model 2

Because the battery pack is smaller and lighter, Tesla does not have to make the construction of the car so heavy. This ensures that the hole is at least 10 percent lighter than a comparable conventional plug-in car. According to Tesla, this provides another 14 percent extra range.

Unfortunately, nothing is known about the charging speed of the Model 2 yet. Presumably, it will be the same as the Model 3, which can charge with a maximum speed of 170 kWh. It is also likely that the Tesla Hatchback can be plugged into Superchargers.

Design and equipment

Musk has not yet shown a single image or teaser of the Model 2’s design. It is therefore a guess at the design. It seems that the car has typical design features of the Model S, 3, X, and Y, such as a closed grille and a large windshield.

But nothing is more fickle than Musk and his design team. It is therefore also possible that the small Tesla will have a unique design and is bulletproof. Just look at the Cybertruck …

We don’t expect weird things in the interior. The recently shown Yoke steering wheel in the Model S Plaid will most likely not be found in the new entry-level model. It does have a large touchscreen and the typical minimalist styling.

It is also good in terms of features. Musk said that the upcoming small model will be fully autonomous. It is not entirely clear what he means by that. Fully autonomously driving cars is still a distant future and is certainly not expected before or just after 2023. 

It, therefore, seems that the Tesla CEO is referring to a version of Tesla’s Autopilot. This software is by no means fully autonomous, but it can steer, accelerate and brake itself – provided there is an attentive driver behind the wheel.

Tesla Model 2 Price

What Tesla will ask for the hatchback in the Netherlands is still unclear. We can of course make a prediction based on US prices. If we do a simple calculation on this, we arrive at an amount of around 35,000 euros. That is even before subsidies and the like.

This brings Tesla pretty close to the Volkswagen ID.3 and Nissan Leaf, which are slightly cheaper. It could of course be that Tesla tightens the price for Dutch slightly to compete for more. It did that when the Model 3 was introduced.

Then it remains to speculate about when the Tesla Model 2 will appear on the Dutch roads. In theory, this could also happen in 2023. The Gigafactory in Berlin could be used for this. If so, then the automaker can push prices down. Production then no longer takes place on the other side of the world, which means considerable savings are made on, among other things, transport costs.

For now, it’s just coffee grounds. We still know very little about the Tesla Model 2, we don’t even know if it’s even called Model 2.

Perhaps the biggest question is whether Tesla can keep its promise for an introduction in 2023 this time. After all, all previous models have been delayed several times.

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