Tesla Model 3 and Model Y are the best-selling cars in Switzerland

Many times we have seen how an electric car achieved a specific milestone by temporarily placing itself as the best-selling car in its market. But it is the accumulated sales that set the trend for each model. In the case of Switzerland, Tesla is managing to replicate the sales success achieved in places like Norway, and in the first half, it has placed the Model 3 and Model Y as the first and second best-selling cars, taking into account all technologies.

Certainly, Switzerland is not a big market. Quite the contrary. But if it is a tough market for electric cars. And it is that if we take a look at the Top 15 of the best sellers this year, we only see two electric ones. The Tesla Model 3 and the Model Y.

The proposals of the American manufacturer have caught on among Swiss customers who in the first six months of the year have raised both to first and second position in global sales. And this is despite the usual difficulties with a supply dependent on factories in the United States and China, the latter affected by production stops due to the closures of the Covid-19 at the Shanghai plant.

But even with these challenges, the Model 3 has placed first in sales between January and June, with 2,201 units registered. It is followed by the Model Y, with 2,029 units, ahead of the third-placed Skoda Octavia, with 1,985 units.

Some numbers that in the second part of the year should improve with the increase in production of the Model Y in the factory in Germany, which will help increase deliveries in Europe where it is also very popular in other markets.

best-selling cars in Switzerland

For example, the Model Y was the second best-selling car in the UK in June and also, as usual, the most popular in Norway in the same period.

Something that should translate into better figures, which will help it climb the sales charts in other markets where its rivals with a combustion engine are in the decline phase, and the electric ones seem to be stagnating in some cases due to the lack of components.

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