Tesla Model Y became Europe’s best-selling car in Q1 2023

In April, electric cars and SUVs have been responsible for the ninth month of market growth. Precisely, an electric SUV leads the accumulated sales. Vehicle registrations in Europe grew by 16% in April, to reach 960,191 units sold, and add up to the ninth consecutive month in which sales have increased in the Old Continent, driven by high demand for electric vehicles and a record share SUV market. Registrations increased by 16%, being the ninth consecutive month of increase, while the Dacia Sandero was the ‘top’ sales.

This is how the data from the consultancy Jato Dynamics reveals it, which links the results “directly” with the relaxation of pressures in the supply chain, which has increased the availability of new cars.

The consultant highlights the “growing demand” for electric vehicles, which represented 13% of total sales with some 126,000 registered vehicles. In addition, SUVs added some 492,000 units sold, reaching the highest market share in its history, 51.3%.

In this sense, SUVs increased by 0.7% compared to the same month last year. The Volkswagen Group, Stellantis, and Hyundai-KIA dominated the segment. Volkswagen T-Roc was the leader, followed by Yaris Cross and Duster.

A best-selling electric SUV

This Tesla model was the best-selling electric of the month, followed by the Volkswagen ID.4 and the ID.3 model of the same brand, which grew by 125% and 259%, respectively. In Europe, the same results that are obtained worldwide are repeated, where, according to the same consultant, it is also the great dominator of the market.

Tesla Model Y

The Dacia Sandero topped the ranking of the best-selling vehicles in April, with 18,659 units sold (+44%). The Sandero was the second most registered car. In April, it was followed by the Volkswagen T-Roc, with 16,746 units (19%), and the Opel Corsa, with 16,578 cars sold (40%). For its part, the cars that grew the most in the month were the Skoda Octavia, 230% (12,817 units), the Volkswagen Tiguan, with 152% and 11,353 units, and the Renault Clio, which grew 119% compared to the same month. month of 2022 up to 15,792 cars sold.

The best-selling brand and the fastest growing

By brand, Volkswagen was the best-selling in Europe during April, with 105,669, 30% more than in 2022, followed by Audi, which grew 25% to 58,841 units sold. The podium was completed by Toyota, which added 54,224 registered cars, although it reduced its European sales by 4%.

Renault and BMW were next for the ‘top’ 5 of the month, with 53,013 and 52,673 units, respectively. The top 10 is completed by Skoda, Mercedes, Peugeot, KIA, and Ford.

Regarding the greatest growth compared to the same month in 2022, Tesla stood out with 865% more units sold, with 14,120, followed by MG, with 104% (15,042 units), and Cupra, which grew 52% to 15,419. enrolled units.

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