Tesla Model Y becomes the best-selling car in Germany

In September, the best-selling car in Germany was the Tesla Model Y. An alternative headline that hides some half-truths. And it is that as we remember, Tesla usually accumulates deliveries in the last part of the quarter. But it is also true that the acceleration of the Berlin factory is allowing that line to be flattened, to the terror of German and European manufacturers in general.

During the past month, the Tesla Model Y has managed to accumulate deliveries of 9,846 units in Germany. Something that has positioned it as the most popular tourism in this competitive and traditionally attached to its market brands. A milestone that, in addition to a media accolade, is also the first time that an electric car from an American brand manages to climb to the top position in sales in Germany.

The data shows that behind the Model Y the Volkswagen Golf has been placed, with 7,095 new registrations, followed by the Volkswagen Tiguan, with 5,887 registrations, the Škoda Octavia in the fourth position with 5,786 units, and the Volkswagen T-Roc, with 5,135. units.

This allows us to see multiple readings. On the one hand, the German market, like much of Europe, is still leaning towards SUVs, with a 31.4% share, and there Tesla has managed to hit the mark with a model that also has national production. A devastating argument.

On the other hand, we see that the sedans also continue to have their space, and there Tesla also strikes with a Model 3 that has managed to place itself in the first position in the premium segment with 3,878 units.

Tesla Model Y

This means that the Tesla Model Y alone accounted for just over 4.5% of the German car market and just over 22% of SUV sales in Germany. Together with the Tesla Model 3, the two American models have managed to capture 6% of the German car market.

Other good news for the German manufacturer is that the delivery line is smoothing out thanks to the increased speed of production from its German factory after the latest summer updates.

If in April, just after the end of the first quarter, it achieved just 277 units, in July, after the second quarter, the figure shot up to 1,035 units. Then 4,216 in August, until jumping to almost 10 thousand units in September.

Deliveries Model Y Germany 2022:

  • January: 142 units
  • February: 2,254 units
  • March: 2,529 units
  • April: 277 units
  • May: 112 units
  • June: 2,144 units
  • July: 1,035 units
  • August: 4,216 units
  • September: 9,846 units

We can add that Germans are turning to electric cars at an ever faster rate. Last September pure electric vehicles (BEV) accumulated a total of 44,389 units delivered, which allows them to achieve a market share of 19.94% of sales. If we add the plug-in hybrids, then the share in September goes up to 32.5% of registrations.

An electric car sector, where Tesla achieved a sales share of 30.9% last month. Far ahead of second-placed Volkswagen with 11%, and Hyundai with 6.6%.

Tesla Model Y interior

A market where, as we can see, Tesla is managing to carve out an increasingly large gap, and not only in Germany but in the same period, the Model Y has been the second best-selling model in the United Kingdom.

This marks a significant change for Tesla in Europe as a whole. Many analysts believed that Tesla would lose market share when new proposals from general brands arrived in Europe, but as we can see, this is not happening at the moment.

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