Tesla Model Y is the fastest selling car in the US used market

Currently getting a new electric car usually involves a large outlay and a long wait. And is that the lack of components is impacting the delivery times of many models. Something that is animating a second-hand market where electric cars and hybrids are flying from dealerships and ad pages, with the Tesla Model Y as the fastest-selling in the American market.

According to the latest data for June, a Model Y that reaches the second-hand market needs just 24.9 days to find a new owner. Less than a month. Something that has a lot to do with the 9 months that new orders for the Tesla SUV have to wait.

But the list allows us to see that the demand for electric and hybrid cars is still high, and among the top 10 classifieds there are 7 electrified models, with 4 representatives of pure electric cars (BEV).

In addition, the electrified occupy the first six positions, since behind the Model Y is the plug-in hybrid version of the Toyota Prius, with 25.1 days before being sold, the Ford Mustang Mach-e, with 26.8 days, and the Toyota Prius conventional, with 27 days.

fastest selling car in the US used market

The trend shows us that two brands are ranking at the top in this section. Tesla and Toyota. Americans and Japanese are the ones that seem to be capitalizing on the transformation of mobility the best, and those that manage to sell their vehicles faster on the second-hand market, occupying six of the top ten positions. Classification by the way, where we find zero European models.

A reflection that according to the experts shows the market trend, which is leaning towards electrification, and that tells us where the shots will go also in terms of future sales volume.

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