Tesla picks up the pace at Giga Shanghai

After a stoppage due to the harsh confinements in China, the Tesla gigafactory in Shanghai is picking up the pace and has even used the summer to make some modifications that allow it to increase the pace. The result is thousands of units ready to be shipped to Europe in a preview of a very active second half for Tesla.

At the moment there are already three ships that are on their way to Europe and loaded with several thousand units, and at the same time, a new video has shown us that another group of ready-made vehicles is accumulating in the logistics area of ​​the Chinese factory to reach your new customers.

According to local media, it is estimated that some 7,000 units are being prepared on the grounds of the Chinese Tesla factory, ready to begin their transfer to the ports to head for Europe. Something that will alleviate the long wait for some customers who have been waiting for their purchase since the end of 2021.

One of the curiosities in this new stage of the Chinese Tesla factory is that the usual routes have changed somewhat. And among these changes, one of the ports that have benefited has been Barcelona, ​​which witnessed the arrival of the first ships last June. A destination that, according to the route plans, will be repeated up to three times more than expected to arrive or make a stopover in Spain.

Some boats curiously come loaded exclusively with Model Y units. So we won’t see any new Model 3s in Europe from China in future shipments.

Tesla GigaShanghai

Some shipments that, if they reach Europe in their entirety, will mean accumulating in a few weeks 30% of the total registrations of the Model Y in Europe between January and July. Something that tells us that the figures in the following quarters, taking into account the increase in production in the factory in Germany, will be even higher and will mark a considerable growth rate.

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