Tesla plans to deliver around 500,000 cars in the Q4

Tesla wants to significantly increase the production rate of its two most popular models, the Model 3 and Model Y, for the fourth quarter of the year. During the third quarter, the US firm produced 345,988 units of both vehicles, while its deliveries stood at 325,158 units.

According to an internal report, Tesla plans to deliver almost 495,000 Model 3 and Model Y models during that period, a truly staggering figure that will only be possible thanks to a significant increase in production capacity at its two most recent plants, Giga Berlin (Germany) and Giga Texas (United States).

The company’s internal targets are 40% more ambitious than analyst estimates; In addition, if they were achieved, their annual production rate would have increased by more than 50%. This trend will continue in 2023 because, during the first three quarters of next year, the firm wants to manufacture a 1.59 million Model 3 and Model Y.

We must remember that last year Tesla produced 930,422 vehicles and delivered 936,222; therefore, its projected growth is truly impressive and shows that the demand for its products still far exceeds its ability to satisfy it, a bottleneck that will gradually be resolved.

Tesla will increase the production capacity of Giga Berlin and Giga Texas

To achieve a more stable delivery rhythm (currently most of them are concentrated at the end of each quarter), Tesla is implementing a new, more balanced logistics model; In addition, the fact that Europe will see its dependence on Chinese and American imports reduced thanks to Giga Berlin will help to normalize the situation.

Tesla model 3 and model y

The German plant recently reached a weekly rate of 2,000 units, although by the end of the year it is estimated that it will reach 5,000 thanks to the addition of a third shift that will allow the factory to operate 24 hours a day. During its first phase, the maximum capacity of the facilities will be 500,000 electric cars per year.

Although the Model 3 currently only leaves the Fremont (United States) and Giga Shanghai (China) lines, it is expected that later it will also be assembled at Giga Berlin; Not surprisingly, last year it became the best-selling D-segment premium sedan in the European market, beating the BMW 3 Series along the way.

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