Tesla reduced the assembly cost of Model Y by 40% thanks to gigapress

Tesla has taken important steps in recent months to improve the efficiency of its revolutionary assembly with the hydraulic press, which allows for reducing times and components, and thus costs. Now, the Shanghai plant has managed to complete the production of the Model Y rear end with a single part, accelerating its production pace and reducing costs.

According to Chinese media, Tesla has managed to achieve a high level of efficiency in the production of the rear of the Model Y with a one-piece die-casting process, where the structural components are installed and integrated, and are assembled by a press of between 6,000 to 9,000 tons.  Something that has allowed the manufacturing rate to be greatly improved.

Compared with traditional methods, Tesla’s structural system saves weight by more than 10%. Furthermore, this translates into cost, and thanks to the optimized structural design and the results of material recycling, adopting this integrated die-casting method has allowed the cost of the process to be reduced by 40%.

This would allow Tesla to get closer to the goal set at the time by Elon Musk, who had said that Tesla’s one-piece die-casting body technology (gigacasting) would achieve revolutionary advances that would change the current electric car production model. helping to achieve Tesla’s goal of halving production costs.

Tesla gigapress

This advancement in integrated die-casting body technology can cast around 400 components used in today’s processes into just one piece. Something that, for experts, creates an unparalleled competitive advantage for Tesla.

Not only from the point of view of production speed and cost reduction. It will also facilitate and shorten the development of new platforms to periods of between 18 to 24 months, while currently traditional methods usually take between 3 and 4 years to develop new designs.

Some advances open the door to an aspect that the investment bank Goldman Sachs has already warned about, which in a report a few days ago indicated that Tesla could lower the prices of its models again, which will mean a new blow to its traditional rivals.

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