Tesla Updates Its Supercharger Map

A few hours ago Tesla made a small but important change to its Supercharger web map. A map that now shows more locations, such as temporary stores, but above all that now shows us in which Supercharger stations customers of other brands can recharge.

As we had told a few days ago, Tesla has opened the possibility that any electric car equipped with a CCS Combo socket could use its Superchargers. An important novelty that is being launched gradually and that covers three markets: the Netherlands, Norway, and France.

In the case of the first country that has seen the network open, the Netherlands, there are a total of 10 stations ready for other electric cars to take advantage of its capabilities. In the case of Norway, the figure has grown to 14 stations. For its part, France has 15 open stations.

A step that if there are no unforeseen events, it is to be assumed that it will continue with its expansion in other markets, such as Spain, between the first and second quarters of this year, which is when the pending stations in Spain are expected to be activated. Both the one in Santiago de Compostela, as well as the one in Gijón, Pamplona, ​​Cambrils, Palma and the third one in Valencia.

Tesla Supercharger Map
New Tesla map showing Superchargers open to other brands

As we remember, there are currently 40 superchargers in Spain, which will reach 46 in the middle of this year. A figure that seems adequate to begin the opening of the network to other brands in a movement that, as we can see, has already begun and there seems to be no going back.

A step with a strong symbolic component that will allow expanding a poor charging network where 50 kW stations predominate, which prevents competitive times when completing long distances.

More competition will undoubtedly be beneficial for consumers, who will have a really fast network at their disposal, up to 250 kW, with the forecast to increase to more than 300 kW in the short term, and with reasonable prices.

And how much will it cost to recharge on the network for the rest of the clients? At the moment we have no news of the cost in France. But if we know that in the Netherlands the price is 57 cents per kWh. A figure that can drop to 24 cents per kWh with a monthly subscription.

It now remains to be seen how Tesla transfers these prices to the rest of the markets. And it is that the Netherlands is one of the cheapest for the customers of the American manufacturer, just 0.28 euros per kWh. Figure that we can compare with the 0.36 cents of Spain or the 0.45 of Germany.

But Tesla cannot leave the market as it risks turning this opening into an innocuous move. A cost above 55-60 cents per kWh will place you above the average price of fast recharging in markets like ours, and close to the absurd 0.79 cents of IONITY.

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